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Back in the present at Mossy Manse, Damon and Stefan recap what we've just seen. Damon tells Stefan he found a witch to help him break "Fatal Attraction" Charlotte's sire bond. They're off to New Orleans.

Mossy Manse. Caroline and Bonnie arrive for their girls' night. Elena shows off her new ability to drink bagged blood and explains that Damon suggested she try it again. Caroline snarks on Damon. Elena asks her to lay off the hate. Bonnie breaks out her "spirit tea." Oh and daughter, we're going to have another one of our periodical (off TWoP) talks about alcohol, drugs and sex in Mystic Falls, because those are problems of a whole other variety. Caroline judges Bonnie for working with Shane, but then vows to lay off the judginess for the night. Her friends are free to ruin their lives as they see fit.

SNAKE WATCH: You have to look hard to see this one, but it's there and it is laying a lot of eggs. Even if we forget the sire bond, Caroline has every reason in the world to object to Elena's closeness (she doesn't yet know they're involved) to Damon, considering Damon attacked Caroline, compelled her, slept with her while compelling her, even if he never compelled her to have sex with him, he compelled her to not be afraid of him because he's a vampire, which really took away her free will to decide if she wanted to sleep with a frickin' vampire. He repeatedly hurt her and didn't even heal her with his own blood half the time. He had her walking around in a Damon daze. If memory serves, he was also using her to infiltrate Stefan and Elena's relationship or at least their lives. Since Elena is one of her best friends, it would not be beyond the pale for Caroline to ask, "How can you be so close with someone who abused me?" It makes me think the show doesn't want to go there, which is a pity. That would be a lot more interesting than this sire bond crap. The Vampire Diaries is rife with moral relativity, so I'm pretty sure this talented team could provide Elena with (valid to her) reasons for overlooking Damon's past abuse of Caroline (and the temporary murders of Jeremy and Alaric, and the mistreatment of Bonnie, and siring Abby and using Andi as a chew toy, etc. etc. etc.) -- even if those reasons amount to him being her stalwart for the last year and really trying to change.

New Orleans. Present. Damon and Stefan talk about how, back in 1942, Stefan joined the war effort, which Damon shirked. Yes, Show, let's make Stefan every bit as naggy as his new best friend, Caroline, because that's always fun to watch. Their conversation turns to how literal the sire bond is. Stefan blames it for Elena's feelings for Damon, conveniently forgetting about how he was well aware that Elena had feelings for Damon, even before she turned. The guys get snitty with each other, but then Stefan apologizes. We're ready for a flashback, but not until we've had another...

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