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My Sister's Keeper

SNAKE WATCH: Damon and Stefan constantly discuss Elena as if she is an object, as if her love is owed to one of them. It has always driven me nuts. If she wants a boyfriend, maybe she should consider Matt... provided she can keep from killing him dead.

1942. Lexi convinces a uniform wearing (boy, he looks nice) Stefan to meet up with Damon and re-forge their relationship. It's a necessary step in his recovery. Oh, Lexi. I'm so glad to see you. None of these men are going to put you in a corner! Stefan and Damon make up in short order and it's smiles and hugs all around.

Stefan is shipping out to Egypt. Damon wants to join up and spend some quality time with his little brother. Stefan and he talk as if joining the military and being assigned anywhere is like getting a job at McDonald's, but I don't even have the patience to delve into that. The point is, once Stefan is out of earshot, Lexi makes it clear that Damon is not to accompany Stefan overseas. She says that back in 1912, when Damon pressured Stefan into once again drinking human blood, it kicked off his whole Ripper of Monterey phase. Stefan needs balance. He needs to see blood and death, but he's better off alone than in Damon's company. I can't go there, either. It's just so stupid. Why not have the recovering alcoholic tend bar?

Anyhow, simpering Charlotte shows up with another victim. He's not dead yet, but you could totally throw him in the cart. Stefan freaks out when he sees the victim bleeding. Lexi rushes him out of the bar. On her way out, she turns back to Damon and tells him that, like Stefan, Charlotte is better off without him, too.

SNAKE WATCH: Okay, so crazy stupid female is so crazy stupid that when Damon is late for dinner, she drags a bleeding, dying man into a bar. Ugh.

PLOT WATCH: So, we're supposed to believe that after Charlotte snapped the sailor's neck, Damon didn't use his sire bond powers to order her to be more careful about bringing victims into the public eye? Really? Yuck. Okay, moving along... the stated point of this scene is to show is that the longer the sire bond continues, the more harm it causes to the bound party. Story-wise, this is important because it is Damon's reason for wanting to free Elena. Aside from always wanting things with Elena to be "real," he also doesn't want her to turn into a psycho. Fair enough.

New Orleans. Present. Damon can't remember where the witch's shop was, so Stefan suggests they find Charlotte. Damon says that he last saw her at the corner of Bourbon Street and Dumaine. "I kind of told her to count every brick in every building in New Orleans -- that I'd meet her on the corner. I was gone by morning." Stefan heads off for the corner. Damon follows.

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