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My Sister's Keeper

SNAKE WATCH: Okay, that's just gross. Crazy stupid Charlotte has spent the past 70 years (give or take) counting bricks, all because her man told her to. I know, I know. It's the sire bond. I hate this frigging story, daughter.

PLOT WATCH: Up until now, this story has indicated that Damon hired a witch to break the sire bond. All of a sudden, we're looking for (and will find) Charlotte, still counting bricks. Much later, we will learn that the witch never broke the sire bond, but at this point (on my first viewing) I was so confused.

Mystic Grill. Kim and Adrian are shooting pool on one side of the bar, while Hayley and Tyler talk about them on the other. Hayley tells Tyler that the free hybrids need an alpha. Kim is challenging him for that role. He'd better man up and put that bitch in her place. (Please note my use of "bitch" is to prove a point, daughter.)

SNAKE WATCH: You just read the above paragraph, right? I know you see the problem there. Okay, just in case you don't, here's another woman complicit in male domination of females. And worse, Hayley is doing this just so she can please Shane and get what she wants from him. And you know, what she wants isn't even a cure for a dying brother or whatever. She just wants to find her bio family. I'm not trying to minimize the desire some adoptees have to meet their biological parents, but none of the adoptees I know would turn over 12 unwitting people to a shady professor, just to get the information.

Tyler marches over and tells Adrian to go get some rest, so that tomorrow he can continue to break the sire bond. Kim strikes out at Tyler, but he quickly asserts his dominance. Kim puts her tail between her legs and agrees to get Adrian back to the stables, where Tyler and Hayley will join her later. After Tyler leaves, Kim informs Adrian that they're not going back to the stables -- they're going to go pick a fight.

SNAKE WATCH: You see, none of these plots by themselves would ping my sensitivity meter. It's mostly the fact that they're all presented together that makes me want to hurl. It's the combination of seeing these things all together: Elena is kept in the dark and Caroline goes along with that. Damon controls -- unwittingly and then unwillingly, granted -- both Elena and Charlotte. Shane manipulates Hayley to manipulate Tyler. Tyler lords it over uppity Kim. It's the combination. It is to barf, my daughter. It is to barf.

SNAKE BITE ANTIDOTE Dose 1: It occurs to me that aside from your rookie year in Little League (remember how horrible the boys were to you and to M and how blind the coach was to it) you haven't yet experienced or witnessed all that much significant sexism in real life, at least outside of what you see in the news. Maybe I cannot make you see this the way I do; maybe you need a couple of more decades before you're ready. Still, I feel it's my responsibility to point it out to you because there are plenty of women who remain blind to it their whole lives.

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