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Whitmore College Quad. Elena coughs up blood, as she makes her way along the sidewalk. You know, I mostly think of Nina Dobrev as physical perfection, so please keep that in mind when I ask if you to consider if she has man hands. I mean, the hands can't be too mannish if it took me until season five, episode 16 to notice, but dang. I have unspectacular hands, which look older than they are, yet please know, I'm not being a petty bitch. Well, maybe I am, but I'm not being a covetous, petty bitch, wherein I look at this perfect specimen (with whom I'd swap in a moment) and then say, "MAN HANDS!" My point, which kind of got lost, is it's nice to see there is one aspect of her body that isn't so Dobrevian perfect.

It's then that Man-Hands Gilbert hallucinates about Aaron appearing, right in her face. Elena is all OMG, Aaron, are you alive? No, dear, he's Memorex. Elena weeps that she thought she killed this hallucination. Hallucination-Aaron dissolves into Actual-Damon. He gives her a bottle of Stefan's blood. Elena gasps as she tells her second Salvatore boyfriend that Katherine won. "Look at me. I'm a monster." As Elena babbles about wanting to kill her friends, Damon takes her in his arms. When he tries to console her by telling her it's okay. Elena objects. "No. It's not okay. I killed Aaron Whitmore." Oh, girl, you so did not.

Finally, Damon manages to spit out that he killed Aaron. Elena tries to give him a virus-out, but Damon admits he did this before he was infected. "It was the night that I thought you broke up with me, Elena. I killed him to convince myself that I was right, that I was the type of person who could kill in cold blood, and I was never gonna change. That's why." Elena shivers, flinches and gasps. Damon says, "I need you to say something, please." Looking over Damon's shoulder, Elena asks, "Why is Enzo here?" Damon looks over his shoulder like, Dude. Now. Seriously? Enzo announces he has the antidote, so yes, it was 30+ minutes of flail for nothing. Commercial.

Rail Yard. Night. Caroline keeps watch over a recovering Stefan. When he wakes, he takes a long look at her and then says, "Rebekah, hi." Caroline says, "Oh my God." Stefan: "I'm kidding. Lexi, right?" Oh, you dickens! Caroline smiles and punches him. "It was funnier, the first time." Stefan is just so danged pleased with himself, I cannot snark.

Enzo interrupts and tells Blondie it's time to go "do this thing." When Stefan asks, Caroline explains that Sloan was going to fry his brain, in order to kill his doppelgänger. She wasn't about to let that happen, so she may have volunteered to help Enzo deal with it. Stefan understands this means Care Bear has agreed to kill his doppelgänger. Apparently, he hasn't been watching the show since the Fall of '09, so he doesn't get that only people the main cast cares about matter in matters of life, death, and convenience. When Stefan tries to refuse her help, Caroline tells Stefan it's him or other guy. Enzo tweaks some amusing dialogue I forgot to note and forgot to care about. Caroline assures Stefan she'll be fine. "Besides, you'd do the same for me, right?" In re Enzo, Stefan says, "I don't trust him." Caroline answers, "Don't worry. I don't, either. I'll be safe. I promise."

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