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RECAPPER: Filthy! Filthy girls. Filthy, filthy, filthy.

KLAROLINE 'SHIPPERS: But we fancy them. And there's been so much judgment.

RECAPPER: Hush, I know. And really, who on this show can cast the first stone? Because they all...


RECAPPER: Exactly.

READERS: Cindy, don't you find it a little strange that you're so ready to jump into script form with your imaginary friends readers and the show's audience, but you're giving the actual characters a wide berth?

RECAPPER: Would you get near one of these suckers, especially if they didn't already know and care about you?

READERS: Point taken. Continue with the story, please.

RECAPPER: So yeah, Elena can't even with this gossip. She wonders if Tyler knows. Damon says, "Yep, and guess who told him." Elena: "Katherine? Katherine is such a bitch." Damon agrees. Elena has a coughing fit and coughs up some blood. At least she doesn't leave any on her lips. I don't appreciate looking at it, on her tissue, though.

Elena wonders why Stefan is off at some mystery location, when they could just hunt down Wes and make him give them the antidote(s). Damon says, "That's easier said than done. Wes is dead." Elena: "What?" Damon cringes. "I killed him. Please don't act like he didn't deserve it." Elena wants to know, "What about Aaron, Damon? He didn't deserve that. Wes was pretty much the closest thing Aaron had to a family." Just then, Matt enters the dungeon with Damon's next dose of blood. Damon promises Elena he'll check on her later. We cut to the old...

Rail Yard. Thanks to Enzo, Stefan and Caroline learn that not only is there another Stefan out there, somewhere, but that the last remaining pair of doppelgängers are special snowflakes. When Stefan and Caroline wonder how, Sloan tells them it's none of their business. Marcos, leader of the Travelers, wants the blood from the last two remaining doppelgängers. If you'll recall, the Travelers already drained buckets of blood from Stefan and Elena, back when Nadia buried my Pudding Pop in a safe, and Katherine was still trying to figure out how to hijack Elena's hot little bod. The Travelers are secretive, so even Enzo doesn't know much (or at least claims not to know much), but he says until all the other doppelgängers are out of the picture, Stefan's blood, mixed with Elena's doesn't do squat.

Stefan asks if they'll do a locator spell on.... Oh my God, the exposition. Is it just me?

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