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You’ve Got to Know When to Hold ‘em, Know When to Beat Up the Dealer
" greetings coming from the passing showgirls lets everyone know that Dixon isn't afraid to wet his whistle.

Ralph finds Ray Humphries watching a reel-to-reel film of Tommy's fight with the Russian and it's not long before Ray reveals that Tommy has been fighting his whole life, because his dad used to beat his mom, who died before she could escape him. That's why Tommy's got a thing for the underdog, and why he wasn't going to tell the trainer that he the Russian actually cracked a vertebra, since the trainer would barely let Ray fight due to his asthma. Ray's showing of Ralph his asthma medication is the type of info you know is going to be relevant at the end. Ray has no idea why Tommy would need a gun, since he could kill a man with his fists. Well, you don't need to be a genius to understand that you can only punch as far as you can reach, but we'll let that go.

Now, you're not going to set up that Rizzo is a degenerate gambler with a mean streak without letting us see some of it ourselves, and sure enough, Rizzo pops his cork when he realizes the blackjack is bottom-dealing in order to bust and let Johnny win. I'd have been thankful for that kind of customer service when I went to Vegas, but Rizzo kicks the shit out of the guy. Well, I have a hard time believing Rizzo wouldn't have done the same thing if he'd lost, so either way.

Meanwhile, Dixon is doing a great job over at the Lost Oasis. He's helping carry in booze and reminiscing about winning an amateur strip-tease contest, so it's nice to find out that the Lost Oasis flies the rainbow flag at least some of the time. What he's not doing is paying attention to the bag, and the person with the other half of the ticket has come and gone. Nice work, shithead!

Savino surveys the damage in the private casino, and gets some guff from Rizzo about how Savino thinks he'll OK the restaurant if Savino throws him some peanuts like you would a monkey. Then he's off to the casino proper to gamble. Savino tells a worried Red that they'll just bribe the gaming commission, which will be worth it if Rizzo gives the nod to the expansion plans.

Over at the sheriff's office, Jack and Ralph are trying to wrap their ranching brains around cracking the LASTUS7 code, when they get the double-bad-news whammy of Rizzo being out on the casino floor and Dixon's fumbling of the bag stakeout. On the plus side, a passing glance from Yvonne cracks the code: It refers to the 7 o'clock bus from Las Vegas to Tucson.

So it's off to the bus station, where the Lamb posse boards the bus. Fortunately, the person who picked up the bag has left it on the seat next to her. "Is that your bag, ma'am?" asks Ralph. I'd like to think the other passengers were pleased that the police were finally cracking down on that bullshit thing people do where they take up a whole bus seat with their bag so someone else can't sit down.

Strangely, while all three Lambs showed up to recover a bag from a bus, only Ralph heads over to the Savoy to confront a mobster with a history of casino-related violence to tell him to stop gambling. Unsurprisingly, Rizzo refuses and the ensuing fistfight and arrest happens despite Savino trying to intervene and with Mia's frowny-face watching the whole thing. I'm sure she's seen much worse from her father a hundred times over.

While Ralph's throwing Rizzo in a jail cell, Jack's interviewing the woman with the bag, and whose name is apparently Mrs. Dunbar. She's not saying anything despite Jack's assurance that he doesn't think she killed Tommy. Her silence though, he adds, makes him think she's involved. She still doesn't say anything, so Jack gives up so he can whine to Dixon and Ralph.

Dixon, trying to not screw up every case he's involved in, has discovered it's a fake ID that she probably got on Freemont Street. And Jack has a sudden thought, declares he's seen her before, and takes off without explaining where he's going or why.

On the way out of the station, he's met by an arriving Savino. "You have no idea what you've done," says a worried Savino. Jack says, "Sounds like your problem," and swaggers off.

Inside, Savino finds Mia bailing out her father. Savino says she doesn't want to see her father like this and Mia says he's protected her her whole life from that side of him. Not so much that she's not involved in the family business, I suppose. Savino says the whole "future of the city" thing they were talking about could be dead if he doesn't calm Rizzo down, and he urges Mia to let him talk to her father alone. She silently leaves.

In the car, Rizzo tells Savino that "John Wayne" is a problem and orders him to fix it. Savino says he's trying to find the right angle, but Rizzo won't be delayed. Savino points out that no one touches the sheriff without talking to Angelo. Well, then, that's just what they'll do, smart guy!

What!? Ralph has gone to get the film of Tommy's fight, because he recognized "Mrs. Dunbar" from the crowd in the grainy out-of-focus film that he watched five seconds of earlier. She's the wife of Tommy's teammate Ronnie Davidson, and Ralph says he's going to sit right there until she's ready to tell him what's going on. She tells a tearjerker of a tale of Tommy helping her escape Ronnie's beatings. She'd gone to the cops who didn't take her seriously, so Tommy arranged for her escape during the fight that night while Ronnie would be busy. The only problem is how Ronnie found out Tommy was helping her -- Ronnie caught her on the phone, but she says she never revealed who she was talking to.

So it's over to the convention center, where Ronnie's on his way in to the fight when he's met by Ralph, dangling handcuffs. He thinks about running, but the other Lambs are behind him, with shotguns. Shown the pipe with his blood on it, due to the jagged handle that ripped his palm, Ronnie admits to hitting Tommy, saying it was because he was sleeping with his wife. He never saw them do it, but just assumed after the late-night anonymous phone calls and after following his wife last night when she met with Tommy. Tommy saw Ronnie and "stumbled" towards him, which was when Ronnie hit him.

But O'Connell comes in to pull the Lamb boys out to tell them that according to the coroner, the blows didn't kill Tommy: a heart-attack did. That's why he stumbled, that's why he looked pale and sweaty. The painkillers combined with any prescription medicine could have done it. Well, if only we knew anyone on prescription medication!

Before we get there, though, it's over to Mobster Supper, where Angelo tells the assembled gangster of the indignity of the sheriff laying hands on him in their casino in front of their friends, in front of his daughter. He yells that last part. "The cowboy goes," says Rizzo, calling him a "dumb cowboy they dug up because nobody was stupid enough to take the job." And just for good measure, Rizzo adds that if Vinny can't handle a "mook" like Lamb, then maybe they need someone else to run the Savoy.

Savino's turn: He tells Rizzo, "respectfully," that none of this would have happened if he'd just stayed in the private room with his best dealers, his best booze, and yes, they let Rizzo win, but that's because -- as everybody at this table knows -- Rizzo can't handle his losses like a man.

Savino says he'll take out the sheriff if Angelo wants him to, but if they kill Lamb then the best-case scenario is that even if the feds don't come after them and the state doesn't revoke their license, Las Vegas still has two dead sheriffs inside a month, and it's hard to build a tourism campaign around that. "What man is going to take his wife to a city without any law?" he asks. No tourism, no money, no suitcases going home. They need Lamb alive -- for now. The defense rests!

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Angelo looks at Rizzo: "The penthouse wasn't good enough for you?" he says, and gets up and walks away.

So all that's left now is for Ralph to break the bad news to Ray about what happened to Tommy. He's pieced it together that Ray

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