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Putting up with the Jonesy

Savino's mad as hell that his idiot men put Cornaro in ground that's constantly being dug up. "We put him deep," says Cota, which isn't even close to being true, from what we saw. Shit's hitting the fan -- now, where did we put Borelli?

Borelli's doing that thing people do on television where they buy a newspaper and immediately read the back page so we can read the front-page headline -- MOB BODIES FOUND ON FARM -- and he's strolling out of the shop and onto a side street, where Jones is waiting for him. "Jonesy. Back in Vegas so soon?" says Borelli, trying not to look too surprised, and/or worried. After tense small talk, Borelli goes for his gun, but Jones gets to his first, and plugs Borelli.

Then a woman comes out a nearby grocery store -- into what his basically an alley; don't these shops face a proper street? She takes in the scene. Then we hear a bang, and her apples roll down the steps of the store.

Our heroes examine the crime scene, and the innocent victim, Marjorie Dobbs. Ralph tells Dixon to find out what kind of gun and ammo was used -- you know, something that would be done anyway but specified here because it'll be a plot point later. Bennett stomps up, demanding to know why bodies are cropping up all over the place (literally in the case of the cornfield). "I'm trying to win an election today on a law and order ticket," he points out. I really wish they could figure out if this guy is more righteous crusader for law and order or political opportunist. But this offers the moral high ground to Ralph, who snaps that he doesn't want to fret over Bennet's election chances over Mrs. Hobbes' dead body.

Red and Savino are lamenting the loss of Borelli when Ralph and O'Connell come in, Ralph laying the blame at Savino's feet since the killer is after him. Savino hotly denies it was his fault and points out that Borelli was a friend of his.

Red and Savino are discussing the problem when Ralph and O'Connel come in. Ralph says an innocent woman got killed because of him. "I'm sure Borelli had it coming," says Ralph, and says the retaliation is because of Cornaro, and he's sure whoever killed Cornaro was either somebody in this room or someone ordered to do it by somebody in this room. Obviously, Savino isn't going to open up to Ralph about this, so the sheriff gets on his radio and gives the order for his men to stomp in at the Savoy and take over the place, sending the customers scurrying for the exits.

Mia freezes out Jack, who probably ought to know better than to go for anything other than detached professionalism in a situation like this. "I'm can't believe you're doing this to me," she says to him, icily. "I wouldn't expect something like this from you," she adds. I have zero idea what that even means.

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