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Putting up with the Jonesy

At the ranch, Ralph and Savino, now indoors, are bonding and bickering. Savino asks for a phone to call his wife. Cota's watching her, but he wants her to leave town. Reluctantly, she agrees, but asks when she's going to see him. He doesn't know. Yeah, this whole Vegas experiment not really working out, is it?

Over at the sheriff's office, it comes out that the county clerk called. Fortunately, the rest of the gang is a little quicker on the uptake than Deputy Dingleberry, and Jack wants the operator to tell them where all the incoming calls over the last hour have come from.

Back at the ranch, Ralph has fried up some steak for dinner, not that he trusts Savino, who's still handcuffed to the table, with a knife. They start chatting about restaurants, Savino prodding Ralph quite a little bit, suggesting he and Laura and Ralph and O'Connell go on a double-date, and trying to find out some info about the former Mr.s Lamb, but Ralph isn't biting.

Things then start to happen quickly: The other Lambs trace the call to a motel, while Rizzo, in a phone booth at the casino, gets some sort of OK. It's all going to be over after tonight, he assures whoever it is.

No, wait, let's slow things down again. Savino's wondering about Ralph's military service. Figures that what with the wife, kid and few tours already under his belt, he could have been granted a discharge. Savino figures out Ralph asked to stay, and commends him for being a patriot. (Not for nothing, Savino, but your people were the other team in that war.) Then he thinks he's got it sussed out that Ralph's wife left him and that's why he stayed (or maybe she left him because he stayed).

Ralph is forced to explain she died in a car accident. Savino says it's a shame, and I really don't think he meant it as insincerely as it sounded, but Ralph stands up and stomps off. There's no mistaking Savino's assholishness when he asks if Ralph ever considers that if he'd taken a discharge, she'd be sitting there with Ralph now instead of Savino. For that, he gets a punch to the face, but he can't say he didn't earn it.

Jack calls Ralph from the motel to warn Ralph that it looks like Jones is on his way. Ralph looks outside and sees a car pull up. "He's already here," he says.

So Jack grabs a shotgun and heads outside, leaving an angry Savino handcuffed to the table. In short order, Ralph has pulled the barbed wire taut across the road, stopping the car -- you know, instead of the car plowing through -- and has shot the three men who aren't Jonesy. Jones gets the drop on him, but Savino has freed himself and has acquired a rifle. He shoots and misses, but at least they now outnumber Jones; they split up to try to box him in. Instead, Jones sneaks up behind Savino and is about to kill him when he's jumped by Ralph and winds up with a bullet in his other arm.

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