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Putting up with the Jonesy

Anyway, Occupy The Savoy is over, and is happy enough to be friendly to Jack, asking him, like her father did, why he wants to protect her. "I just feel it's something I"d be good at," he tells her, swaggering away so she can mull this over.

So Jones in custody, Savino tells Laura, and it looks like Angelo has smoothed things over with Milwaukee. But Angelo and Rizzo come in, still saying they need to sort out the Tumbleweed thing, and tell Savino to come with them. Savino knows what's going on, and after he gives Laura a long kiss, she at least suspects, especially when Red can't look her in the eye.

The three of them stop the car outside the city. "We've got the whole place to ourselves," jokes Savino, but Angelo has no time for the small talk. He apologizes to Savino, but this is how it's done: "They buried two of theirs. We have to make amends." Savino desperately calls Milwaukee a bunch of five-cent Al Capones, but Angelo's mind is made up: He's paying them back with the Tumbleweed and paying for Cornaro with Savino. He turns his back on Vincent.

Savino asks to be buried deep: "I don't want my kids to see me in the papers." Rizzo lifts his gun, and then turns and shoots Angelo in the head. Goddamn, Mike from Breaking Bad just can't catch a break! "He was getting soft. The old Angelo would have seen that setup coming," Rizzo tells an extremely surprised Savino. But Rizzo explains that back home they didn't like the idea of him giving the Tumbleweed to Milwaukee. He orders Savino to get digging; Savino does work for Rizzo now.

Back at the ranch, with police mopping up, Bennett drives up to pass along news about a plotline that was important enough to be the focus last week but is now merely bookends. He lost and Grady is in. Oh, and the unopposed sheriff won as well. "They're going to need you as sheriff, whether you like it or not," Bennett says.

Montage: Grady celebrating, Rizzo toasting Vegas and himself, and a surprised Laura relieved to see her husband come in. They hug. But damn, Laura, isn't this shit all the exact reason why you guys have been leading separate lives for years?

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. He thinks Canada should follow the U.S.'s lead and turn Thanksgiving into a four-day holiday. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at

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