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Appetite for Construction

Mia and Jack are having a great time in some honky-tonk bar, and Mia can't believe she actually likes it. That's Jack's cue to get her up on the dance floor. Mia protests, but then drains the rest of her beer and starts waltzing with Jack.

Daylight now, and construction crews are hard at work on the Tumbleweed. Or they're trying to be, but the cement mixer is jammed. When it's dumped, out sloshes a very dead Del Merrick.

After the opening credits, the Lambs show up at the site to meet Katherine, who's there with discombobulated wife Ginny Merrick, fretting about how her husband was supposed to be honored by the Rotary Club today. She's fobbed off on Dixon, who squirrels her away to comfort her or seduce her or whatever it is he does. Katherine says if this isn't a mob hit, she doesn't know what is. And then up comes Pete Holm, who introduces himself as the guy who managed Merrick's operations for more than twenty years, and starts naming all the "clients" who had a beef with Merrick just last night, and threatened him. He's long gone before I sat up straight and said, "Holy shit, was that D.B. Sweeney?"

I'm getting a little tired of the Diane-Desmond-throws-herself-at-Vincent scenes, since they don't really seem to go anywhere, but here's another one: it starts with her whining about a green dress clashing with her eyes and ends with her in her underwear and Vincent angrily telling her that if she's got a problem with her costumes and whatnot for the show to take it up with her fiancé.

At the sheriff's office, Ralph and Jack are looking over financial records for Merrick, while Dixon is whining about how there's not going to be a Christmas Eve party, and Yvonne points him to a regulation that prohibits alcohol-induced carousing in the sheriff's office, and Dixon asks Ralph why he put "this fascist" in charge, and Ralph, who, you know, fought ACTUAL FASCISTS on behalf of his smartass son, says it's because she's the toughest one there.

In comes Savino, wondering why his construction permit has been pulled. Maybe because of the dead body? Savino and Ralph have their requisite episodic quip-off, with Savino a little too outraged that the discovery of the dead body of the contractor might cause a bit of a delay. Savino says they worked things out with Merrick just last night. "After you threatened him," says Ralph. Savino would use the word "persuaded." Also, the Tumbleweed is already behind schedule, so Merrick's death is an inconvenience.

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