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Appetite for Construction

Over at the Savoy, Rizzo's placing bets at the bar when Diane strolls over to tell him she talked to her lawyer, who is going to straighten everything out. Elsewhere, undercover deputy Dixon is snooping around and comes across man in storage room picking up boxes. He bolts when Dixon comes in, and Dixon yells, "Stop! Sheriff's department!" immediately, like SO MUCH FOR YOUR COVER. He loses the guy, but finds a door key left in the lock.

Ralph's questioning Tomisano at the sheriff's office, who's playing the "my wife's a slut and I don't care who she bangs" card, adding that if he killed the guy responsible for mob construction, he'd be in the ground next to him right away. His wife is dealing with Jack, whose excuse for shooting at the Lambs is that she thought she was shooting at someone else (her husband). She was on the outs with Merrick anyway, since the ingrate left her for a candystriper at the hospital named Amy Seger.

Turns out she's got a record: aggravated assault, narcotics use and sale. Hardly the kind of person you'd find with a respected businessman, says Jack. Jack, you'll recall, was just interviewing this respected businessman's previous girlfriend, a gangster's wife, so that line makes zero sense, except to set up Ralph as they roll up on Seger's address: a church. "Hardly the kind of person you find here," he says.

Inside, there's a full-on revival going on, singing and clapping. The woman preacher at the front is conspicuous by her gender, this being television, so it's not a surprise when Ralph asks a woman in a back pew where Amy Seger is, and it turns out she's the preacher.

Meanwhile, Savino's meeting with D.A. Reynolds, who's got some bad news for him. According to his good Washington source, Diane Desmond is working with the feds. "Diane's a crazy broad, but she'd never turn." Drug charges can turn a girl like a top, says Reynolds, especially when she's got a Hollywood career to protect. Savino asks if he's sure, and Reynolds asks how else she'd be able to get her federal drug charges to go away in one day with one call. "She's here to get info. Take you down. To take you all down."

Over at the church, Seger tells the Lambs that the Lord brought her to Merrick because he was suffering very deeply. Ralph's all, "Yeah, and the string of felony narcotics charges?" Seger tells a story about a father who played coronet for all the big bandleaders and started doing junk, while mama put dope in her baby bottles to settle herself down. And then one day she found Jesus. As did Merrick, who apparently got tired of turning God's country -- which had cured his tuberculosis -- into the devil's playground, so he had decided to shut his business and devote his life to God after one last project: "Our church," says Seger.

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