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Appetite for Construction

The Lambs leave, speculating on whether she had anything to do with the murder. Probably not, they figure, because it sounds like Merrick was turning over everything to her. His business partners probably wouldn't be too happy about that, nor his wife. Maybe the Lambs should be asking for some sort of confirmation instead of just believing the story of whoever it is they've spoken to most recently?

Over at the Savoy, Savino is staring at Desmond and Rizzo when Dixon strolls up and says, "Found your traitor," and Savino is all discombobulated, and Dixon says, "Sorry, my turn of phrase inadvertently resonates with your other subplot, but what I meant to say is I found your thief."

The bad news is the thief got away, but he left his calling card -- a hotel key that's too new to be in use yet, so Dixon has already figured out it was a locksmith who recently did some work and he's already been arrested. "I think he was just glad it was us who picked him up, not you."

Savino's so pleased he brings Dixon to a nice upstairs suite that's his for the night as a reward. Dixon looks out over the strip and says things look different from up here. "The way you see things always depends on where you're looking from," says Savino, while my eye-rolling workout starts getting intense. Dixon reluctantly declines though, since his dad the sheriff is all moral about taking gifts from a gangster -- I mean, "for public service." Savino smoothly suggests he spend a little time in the suite anyway and walks out, leaving the key on the coffee table, smiling to himself.

Over at the beautiful Merrick house, Ralph sits down with Ginny and doesn't waste a whole lot of time getting right to the point about how she'd have to give it all up if Merrick gave everything to Amy Seger. Ginny says Amy wasn't the first woman to catch Del's eye, but she figured he'd get tired of her eventually, like he did with all the rest.

Meanwhile, Jack is visiting a construction site to talk to Pete Holm, perhaps remembering the Law & Order rule that if you have even a C-list recognizable name in a bit part, that person always turns out to have committed the crime in question. Jack presses him on Merrick's plan to fold the business and turn the money over to Amy, who Holm calls a "two-bit conjurer." Holm says he wasn't worried, because there's lots of business in Vegas. But he does let it slip he owns 20% of Merrick Construction, at which point he awkwardly says he should get back to work.

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