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All Your Air Force Base Are Belong to Ralph

So the kid the Lambs nabbed is named Gary, and he's got the wallet of the dead guy named Edward Paul Dozier. Gary's shocked that someone was killed, but now feels like he was set up, given that the keys to the car are still in the ignition. He figures the guy who left it was a cop because that's the only way a white guy would be on the block at six in the morning.

Yvonne comes in to fetch Ralph because an Air Force lieutenant has shown up, Norman Kemp, Officer of Special Investigations at Nellis. He heard the description of the John Doe on the radio and thought it fit their lead medic, who didn't make it back to the base last night. He sneers at the two-bit operation that is the Las Vegas sheriff's office, even down to the disproportionate number of Lambs who work there. "Nothing like a little nepotism to really make an organization hum, eh, sheriff?" he says. Well, Dixon has probably punched out early and is already naked with a showgirl or something by this point.

Over at the Savoy, Rizzo's in the restaurant with a ... dame? Skirt? Broad? In the parlance of the times, and surprising her with a sable coat. She gushes, as does Laura, who comes in with Savino and seems to recognize this woman as Diane Desmond. Diane in turn recognizes Savino, surprising both Rizzo and Laura, but Savino awkwardly jokes about how his reputation precedes him and he's heard she's "filling seats at the Stardust," which shouldn't fool anyone but apparently does. Rizzo starts tackily bragging about the coat and asking if they know what sable is. "A beautiful animal," says Savino, staring fixedly at Diane. WHICH ISN'T WEIRD OR ANYTHING, Savino. Oh, and good news! Rizzo has gotten her out of her Stardust contract (with a horse's head in a bed?) and is coming over here now. "I didn't realize you were talent managing for the Savoy now," says Savino, his voice tight. "I'm managing everything now, Vinnie, you know that!" says Rizzo, faux-lightly. Oh, and they won't be loosening slots or doing any of what the experienced casino manager recommended either. Diane and Savino stare at each other, which is exactly what people would do when they want to pretend they don't know each other, of course.

Ralph checks the underside of the stolen car and discovers the fuel line has been cut -- which means the killer knew the thief would leave a trail, so he dumped the body on the other end and hoped the cops would fall for the frame job. "Like you did," sneers Kemp. Actually, they checked it and found it a setup, so what's your problem? Kemp says he won't need any assistance from their office, and then there is some sort of jurisdictional dick-measuring.

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