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All Your Air Force Base Are Belong to Ralph

Savino's drinking when Diane Desmond is shown into his office. He's stiff with her (not that kind, at least, not that we can tell) and we learn she's been calling him ever since he got into town but he hasn't called her back. "There's nothing to talk about," he says. He's still got her single, she points out, and she puts it on before starting to reminisce about the good times they had in Havana. That was eight years ago, he tells her.

Quickly we learn that he told Diane he was going to leave his wife, who had flown down and was furious that Savino had missed Christmas with the family. Laura never knew who the other woman was, it seems. As for now, Diane's apparently using Rizzo just to get close to Savino. He points out how dangerously unwise that is and advises her to at least give the coat back. She takes it off right there, and is naturally... natural underneath.

We pan up some intertwined legs on a bed, but it's Laura and Savino, who apparently popped home for some afternoon delight, much to her... well, delight. "I can't stop thinking about you," he says, a lie that doesn't jibe with the worried look on his face. He leaves, telling her he'll pick her up for the concert later, and judging from her expression she's not completely convinced by his story.

A Photo Shoppe receipt, signed by "Jenny" with a heart, leads to Dozier's girlfriend, who always gave him a discount on photo finishing. They were out in the desert taking pictures, which is where he goes when he's upset. He didn't say why he was upset, but she thinks it was something she did. You see, they were supposed to head for the lake on the weekend and she was sure he was going to propose, but a few hours later the plans changed to the desert trip. Kemp brusquely asks to see the pictures. Lamb glare and asks nicer. But she can't find them. Dozier dropped them off for finishing, but the next morning she couldn't find them. "It was like they just vanished," she says.

Ralph shows her to the door, and then lays into Lamb: "That woman is a resident of Clark County. That makes her my boss. You should have shown her some respect," he says. Easy there! You just won the election! Time to enjoy yourself for a bit! Ralph deduces that Kemp has never had to break bad news to somebody, and Kemp tells him he's been an investigator for seven years, so he doesn't need a one-month-old sheriff telling him how to do the job. You hope the fact Ralph's not saying anything about his own military investigation prowess means he gets to throw it Kemp's face at the end of the episode. But not now. Anyway: What was Dozier doing between the time he was planning to propose to Jenny and when he went out to the desert all agitated? Seeing patients, says Kemp, and Ralph wants to go talk to them.

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