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All Your Air Force Base Are Belong to Ralph

Out at the base, the Lamb brothers are investigating patients, including a civilian who works there, and tells them Dozier argued with a patient in the waiting room. The patient admits to it because he needed a physical in time for the deadline for officer training school, but Dozier said he couldn't do it. The airman followed him back to the infirmary, which was a mess of papers and weird little silver box, which turns out to be a Geiger counter! We're cooking now!

Ralph and Jack search the office and come up with a hidden patient report for Pvt. Jimmy Surasky of the 43rd, who had rashes and 104-degree fever, and died next morning. Infection. "Radiation poisoning," Ralph figures out. From Dozier's notes we learn he found traces of radiation in his own hair and took autopsy photos and told an AP everything he knew. "Guess who it was?" Come on, guess!

At the Savoy, Diane sings songs that Rizzo thinks are for him, but are really for Savino, who looks uncomfortable. It gets worse when Rizzo says they need to take care of the count room kid. Savino tries to tell Rizzo they can trust the kid, but Rizzo is in the "Why take a chance?" camp.

So Kemp confesses to knowing what's going on: This defense company named Atrius is working on radiation suits in a top-secret bunker on the base, and the 43rd squadron were test subjects. Dozier wanted Kemp to find out how Surasky could have died of radiation burns (my guess: BAD RADIATION SUITS) and Kemp did nothing. To his credit, it appears to be eating at him.

The awkward double-date at the Savoy continues with Diane joining everyone for drinks. She says she was distracted by the beautiful necklace of a woman in the audience, and Laura twigs that she's talking about the necklace of a million diamonds that Vincent just got her for their 17th anniversary. With Diane letting it slip that she was in Havana in '52, not to mention Savino acting completely conspicuous, Laura's starting to piece things together. Diane goes to the powder room, and Rizzo points out they gotta get going if they're going to take out the kid.

Savino excuses himself too, and then goes to see Diane in powder room, where he urges her to slip Rizzo some sort of knockout powder. Her price for drugging the guy is Laura's necklace. Naturally, Laura walks in while they're haggling over the details, and she spins on her heel and walks out, Savino chasing after her.

And now for some complete ridiculousness: Kemp and the Dixon trio gain access to this super top-secret bunker by Ralph sneaking up on a guard and knocking him out with one punch. Then they go to work search, and are interrupted by a group of APs, but Kemp pretends to have just caught Ralph, and he sends the APs on a wild-goose chase for the other two intruders, giving Jack and Dixon enough time to come up with the Surasky autopsy photos in the desk of Massey, the civilian patient of Dozier's.

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