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All Your Air Force Base Are Belong to Ralph

Savino sends the count room kid up to Salt Lake City, sneaking him out in a meat truck and warning him not to come back. The kid agrees. Back at home, Laura comes in, having figured out Diane was the woman in Havana. She wants her gone. Savino does too, but Rizzo wants her there, so there's nothing they can do. He wants her to trust him that there's nothing going on this time, though. She looks like she wants to believe him, but doesn't yet.

Over at the sheriff's office, our heroes are trying to figure out how they can arrest Massey on the Air Force base, which they can't because it's federal land. And then Ralph has some kind of damn ranching story that's relevant or something but by this point I've checked out. Why don't you just lasso the damn guy and yank him off the federal land where you can arrest him?

What happens is Ralph goads Massey into chasing him off the base by threatening to give the photos to the newspapers, leading Massey (and an accomplice throwing shots at Ralph the whole way) over field and through a wire-cut fence off the air force base and into Clark County, where Jack and Kemp are waiting to back up Ralph (who for Christ's sake was nearly killed a couple of times as bait).

A wary Katherine shows up at the diner at the behest of Laura, who apologizes for being harsh -- and then implies that she's maybe not as keen on protecting her husband's associates as she once was. Katherine's not impressed, since Savino's rise to the top would be easier if his competitors are out of the way, but hey! Who's to say Katherine's and Laura's interests can't meet in the middle? Right now I'd be interested in giving Katherine more to do than filling in story blanks and hanging around looking sexy, although she's quite good at both.

At the sheriff's office, Kemp returns Ralph's gun (taken when Massey and his accomplice hijacked the military ambulance) and we learn that it was Ralph's dad's gun, so it's nice to get an emotional backstory on it now that it's no longer lost. Time for Kemp to mosey on out of the show, presumably forever, but not before having a little speech on how now that he's become an investigator he tries to solve every mystery, like "who ate the cheese in the refrigerator" and other really stupid NOT ACTUAL MYSTERIES, but the point is to ask Ralph if he ever feels that way. Ralph says he doesn't, by which he means, "Yes, and we'll find out within moments since the show's almost over." Kemp leaves with respect for and a bit of a man-crush on Ralph.

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