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We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Savino meets up with Reynolds at that abandoned gas station that I want to take many super-cool photographs at, and Reynolds tells him about the affidavit for the wiretap on Rizzo's phone, looking for info on Diane Desmon's murder. Reynolds tells an angry Vincent that Katherine O'Connell has an informant passing information from inside the Savoy's organization, but Reynolds doesn't know who the informant is. So Savino targets O'Connell instead: "Get rid of her!" he says, and then, perhaps realizing that usually has a particular meaning from a mob guy, specifies that Reynolds should fire her for insubordination. Reynolds says it would be too suspicious, and Savino drives off, vowing to find out who the informant is and taking care of it himself.

Speaking of the informant, there's Laura now, snooping through her husband's office and desk. She finds some documents that she stuffs into her purse, right before Vincent's secretary coming in. Laura, looking horribly guilty of SOMETHING, makes up a story about Vincent usually leaving her cash in there, but the secretary, who seems oblivious, says she's got the petty cash now, and Laura glides out of the office, asking her to make a hair appointment for her for tomorrow morning.


Jack and Dixon the Double-N ranch, which Dixon, after looking around at the cavorting women, nicknames the "Double-D," although truth be told it's not exactly the Playboy Mansion there. They stroll the grounds with owner, who says the victim, Marjorie, was here for her third time, but didn't have any trouble with exes or guests. In fact, she was the "unofficial social director" and saw to it that guests were having a good time, because Marjorie saw divorce as liberation. The owner, laying in too much backstory to be accidental, says her own husband left her six years ago, and now she's her own boss. Meanwhile, her handyman or whatever says he saw a motorcycle outside Dawn Fields room, and it turns out Dawn and Marjorie had some sort of argument when they went down to Freemont last night. Jack and Dixon check out Dawn's room, which looks like it was cleared out in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Barbara is paging through mugshots to try to identify her husband's attacker, and the reminiscing continuing, with her saying that it could have worked out if Ralph had been willing to leave the ranch. Or if you were willing to stay, says Ralph. But she wanted to see the world, and Rick took her everywhere (that past tense is a red flag). Ralph says he's happy it worked out. Hard to tell sometimes when he's been genuine or gruff. "Oh, I don't know if I'd say that," says Barbara, but before we can delve into that, she finds a picture of the attacker, a guy named Paul Zumo.

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