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We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Ralph goes to get the file, when Jack gets back, surprised to see Barbara still there. "She's not here just because of a mugger, Ralph," Jack warns him. Jack, you'll remember, was having sex with the criminal daughter of a mob boss just this morning, so I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in his romantic warnings.

At the casino, Vincent overhears Red getting something from some guy in a suit. It's completely vague and open for interpretation, so you'd definitely better overreact, Vincent!

Jack meets Mia at the casino for lunch, just as Rizzo is doing the same. "This is a bad idea," Jack mutters, as he susses out what's going on. Mia flat-out tells her dad that she's seeing Jack ("...naked," she doesn't add). "The candy-store cop?" says Rizzo in disbelief. Jack's got a surprise of his own: "I love your daughter," he says, adding that Rizzo had better get used to it, because he's not going anywhere, and he suggests calling a truce for Mia's sake. Mia tells her dad she needs him to do this for her. "We'll talk about this later," he says to Mia whilst glaring holes through Jack's skull, and then he stomps off. Mia's all, "You told him you love me? WTF?" and Jack says he thought that would calm him down. Jack's not very bright, is he?

Ralph strolls into an empty bar, where Paul Zumo and a partner are counting money that they say they earned in a poker tournament, but Ralph spins a story about how the guy they beat up last night had an aneurysm and is in a coma and likely won't make it, but the first person to talk gets immunity.

So they both start talking, explaining to Ralph that Rick came to them for a loan and put up diamonds as collateral. When they turned out to be fake, they got their money back and roughed him up. Ralph takes the money back and leaves to talk to Rick to corroborate the story. Came out of that coma pretty fast, you idiots!

Over at the Savoy, Vincent and Red are in an elevator with a child who apparently was sent to fill an ice bucket. After she gets off, Red's all, "Geez, parents! Who brings a kid to a casino?" But a furious Vincent asks if he's talking to the law, explaining that he heard Red talking to the suit. So poor Red has to admit to buying powdered rhinoceros horn because he's dating a 26-year-old showgirl and he needs a little help "to keep the spaghetti al dente." Well, now Red knows there's a rat, and we all know Red's having boner problems, so this is uncomfortable all around. Savino says Rizzo doesn't need to know about the rat, so they have to find it and take care of it before Rizzo finds out.

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