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We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Red and Savino are going over time sheets or whatever to see which of their employees might have been meeting with the feds, but they can't find anyone. The last one left is Hildy, the secretary, so Red turns on the charm -- and I hope he did a hit of that powdered rhinoceros horn -- and takes her out to lunch so Savino can snoop around her desk. It's in the appointment calendar the he finds Laura's hair appointments match the times in the statements given in the affidavit.

So when Laura gets back, all "Hey, want to do Chinese for dinner?" he confronts her about talking to the feds. She says she was trying to save their lives. "I'm already dead. You're dead. Our children are orphaned," says Vincent, and Laura's hokey "Cabins in Maine" pamphlets aren't soothing him because he -- not being a rat, you see -- won't testify. And if they did, they'll spend the next five years being dragged in and out of court, always looking over their shoulders, worried about being plugged on the courthouse steps. Laura's defeated. "I agree with every word you said, but I don't have another plan. Do you, Vincent?"

Well, maybe just threatening O'Connell! She's surprised when Vincent gets in the car and says Laura's done talking to her. She plays dumb at first, but Savino -- sneering that she came back from New York with her tail between her legs and wants to make her mark here -- wants her to cut the crap and warns her to stay away from Laura. And that's when she pulls a pistol out on him. He's surprised but no overly worried, because it's not like he's never had a gun pointed at him before, but she warns him that this is different; she could shoot him in cold blood and never see the inside of a holding cell. "People like me can kill people like you, no questions asked," and it's her turn to warn him, against threatening her again.

Ralph visits Rick, who's sporting a nasty cut on his lip. Ralph explains about meeting with Zumo, and he knows about the fake diamond bracelet. Rick is all bluster at first --"She chose me. Move on," he says -- but eventually confesses to making a couple of bad investments, and he thought a few thousand might tide them over for a couple of months. And then it's a real sob story about how he figured if he spent enough money on Barbara, she'd forget all about Ralph, which she never did, and how he was always second choice, and all this sounds like an awfully seriously relationship, especially considering how all season we've been led to believe Ralph has been pining for his wife since she died and all. He's got the money for him. Asks how long he was going to keep Barbara in the dark.

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