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We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Meanwhile, Dixon and Yvonne are partaking in more of their wacky wedding shenanigans even though no one cares, and when some actual police work is done, they find out that the $25,000 of Marjorie's was to buy the brushland where her body was found. Dixon heads to the county clerk's office to pull the deed. Jack might go too, except Ralph has just walked back in, and it's more important for Jack to bust his balls over Barbara. "Can't expect a person to stay if you don't make room for them," says

Savino lowers the boom on Mia, who is obviously surprised, and asks if this was her dad's decision. Savino says Chicago wants to make a change, and Rizzo fought like hell to keep her there. You know, if that were really the case, I think Rizzo would be telling her this, so it's not the most plausible of lies. Mia wants to know who's taking over. Why, it's ... uh ... Count Roomington from Chicago! Mia asks if it has anything to do with her and Jack, a situation that Savino doesn't seem to know anything about, but before they can get into it, Red comes in and Mia leaves.

Savino's pissed at Rizzo for making him do this, and for being an all-around disaster ever since he got there; he's either going to bankrupt them or get them killed or thrown in jail. He points out that the case would go away if Rizzo weren't around, and Red urges caution. "He's a damn animal, and I'm sick of cleaning up after him," says Savino. Red points out they'd never get permission from Chicago, and they sure as hell shouldn't do it without permission. Like a poor sap on a late-night infomercial, Savino says there's got to be another way.

Mia confronts Rizzo, who blames Savino for the firing but isn't very convincing because he also says she's better than this job and should be working in a bank. Memo to dad, she TRIED that, she points out, but couldn't even get a job interview: "Because I have your last name. It's the same reason boys didn't ask me to prom," she says. And now she has someone who isn't afraid -- so NOT the guy who was hiding under the bed at the start of the episode? -- and Rizzo's trying to take him away. She says he's sad and lonely, and is only happy when everyone else is sad and lonely. She stomps out, saying she's lined up interviews at the House of Cards and the Nugget, and is not leaving Vegas, OR Jack.

So it turns out Marjorie had signed over the brushland she just bought to Max Voorhees, the wrangler at the Double-N. The Lambs saddle up to head out there, but once again Ralph can't come because he has to deal with some bullshit from his ex-girlfriend. She essentially wants to know what he'd do if she weren't married. Well, he'd glower and smirk and dispense rancher wisdom! Barbara says she wanted to travel with him, to get him off the ranch and away from the memory of his wife, and have him all to herself. "You deserve better," he tells her. "So do you," she says. They kiss goodbye, and she drives off. I can't help but feel this would be a little more poignant if we had any idea Ralph had ever really given a thought to anyone other that his wife.

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