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We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Anyway, the murder wraps up really stupidly, because Max denies swindling Marjorie out of the land. In fact, it was probably a surprise wedding gift to him. That's right, they were getting married! Jack can't believe none of the other women mentioned that. You know what's even MORE unbelievable? That MAX didn't mention it! Or seem at all distressed that his FIANCEE had been murdered! So who does that leave, out of the characters that were introduced this episode? There's only one left: The ranch owner. Yep, she was in love with Max, and jealous Marjorie was going to take him away, especially since she gets divorced like other people have birthdays. Anyway, she's arrested now.

Speaking of very, very dangerous moves, Savino comes clean to Rizzo about the rat and the affidavit, and then reluctantly tells him it's Mia. "Those are some big words, Vinnie," says a pissed Rizzo, but Savino's absolutely certain. But he blames Jack Lamb for getting to her and turning her against Rizzo. Oh, now if they could only just figure out what to do! "There's nothing to figure out. I'm going after the deputy," says Rizzo. Savino nods, and Rizzo goes off, murder in his heart. And probably in his pocket.

Red wants to know how killing the deputy will solve the rat problem. It's only a problem if the deputy gets killed, Savino tells him, and Savino's going to warn him. "If one of them kills one of us, no one will ask any questions," says Savino, so I guess he's got Katherine to thank for the strategy. Savino calls Jack, but Jack's too busy banging Mia, so he hangs up the phone. Well, so much for your brilliant plan, Vinnie.

Savino and Laura go for a ride on the outskirts of town, Laura clearly not knowing if she's going to make it home. She starts talking about the girls, maybe in an attempt to save her life, but Savino pulls over to the side of the road and tells her to get out, flashing his lights at a car down the road. He's sending her back to Chicago. "When I visit the kids, you stay with your mother," he tells her coldly. She accuses him of wanting to get rid of her for a long time, and all his life he's viewed everything in his life in terms of assets and liabilities. And when "Vinnie the Skim" wanted to go legit, a North Shore debutante was a real asset. But now anything that threatens his rise is a liability, and he'll do anything to avoid winding up a carpet salesman like his father. Vincent doesn't put up much of a fight here, and in his defense as far as assets and liabilities go, Laura's talking to the feds could -- as he reminded her earlier -- get them literally killed, which is a little more serious than a social climbing burn. "Just be grateful you can hear me say this: Goodbye," says Vincent -- and really, Laura, think of what Rizzo had done to his fiancée; do you really think you'd fare better? -- and he gets back in the car. She crosses the road to the mafia bus stop.

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