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Maid in the Shade

Later, Estelle's walking home along a largely empty street before being run down and left dead on the road. After the opening credits, the Lamb boys are on the scene and judging from the tire tracks, eyewitness reports and force of the collision that it wasn't the "no-account drunk" suggested to have hit her, but a deliberate rundown. They learn that it was a blue or green car that hit her, and that she'd just run afoul of the union guy, Kovacs, so that's their working theory. They also find paint scrapings on a nearby light pole, narrowing their search to a blue car. You know, presuming it's from the car that hit her, after all.

The country twang starts up again as we watch Savino take in the cornpone ambience of the Tumbleweed. He also sees the dude who was at the union meeting last night talking to the shop steward (not that he knows this) to the dad (I think) from Boy Meets World. Savino exchanges a few pleasant insults with the guy (named Cornaro) as he leaves with his muscle and it's Savino's turn to talk the ear off the owner of the place, Mr. Hayes. Cornaro's with the Milwaukee mob, which is interested in buying the Tumbleweed piece Hayes is selling, and they've promised to make his union problems disappear. Savino warns him that Milwaukee will muscle into their share without paying Hayes a dime. Not like Savino, who wants to play it off legit! Hayes, who is I assume drunk, makes a crack about Savino paying for the development with suitcases and laundry bags, which is a little judgmental for someone who is contemplating selling to an organized crime family that have promised to make his union problem go away and all that entails. At any rate, Hayes hasn't made a decision, doesn't appear to be knocked out by Savino's casino-of-the-future plans, and Savino says he can ditch the Roy Rogers and sawdust or risk getting buried under the "asphalt avalanche" that's coming.

At the sheriff's station, the parade of former Breaking Bad stars continues when in saunters Ted Beneke, playing a guy named Randall and his son Terry, who want to offer a reward in Estelle's murder; she's the daughter of their housekeeper and was like family. "Obviously there's a lot more under the surface but we won't figure things out until later in the episode," Ralph tells them.

Ralph heads over to Estelle's apartment to check it out and discovers someone appears to be in there ahead of him and has ransacked the place. Whoever it is manages to peel on out before he withers underneath Ralph's frowny face.

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