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Maid in the Shade

He does get the license plate number, which he calls back to the station so someone can look it up, as long as they're not too busy fighting over who gets to awkwardly flirt with Mia Rizzo, who has come into the station looking for her union card. Jack pulls rank and some jaunty music strikes up as he tries to find out if she has a boyfriend, pretending it's for the form he needs to fill out. She's put much more at ease after she addresses the elephant in the room, that Jack's brother threw her dad in jail. "I am not my brother, just like you are not your father," Jack tells her, melting her completely. Probably a good idea that Jack didn't add, "Plus your father is a violent psychopath on a hair trigger who should probably just be in jail all the time." Ralph comes in and is like, "Damn, quit trying to bone Mia and get her her damn work card." Essentially. And then Dixon, doing actual police work, tells them the license plate of the car at Estelle's apartment belong to union boss Kovacs.

Savino wines and dines a banker, looking for a loan for his Tumbleweed plans, but Farwood (or something) is skeptical of Savino's assurances that this will be an entirely clean deal "You people come in from Chicago and New York and start waving your pension funds and certificates of deposit. It's not the same," says the banker, and between him and the Tumbleweed owner, nobody seems to show much of a healthy respect for the mob around here. Then Farwood talks about how good the lemonade is here and leaves, and I think Savino would like to know if "lemonade" is legitimate loan-speak for "approved."

Ralph and Jack roll through the Tumbleweed casino to arrest an agitated Kovacs, who is demanding his last paycheck. He seems to be in an awful hurry, which is good enough for a conviction in the Lamb brothers' book and they confront him with Estelle's murder. He admits to having been at her apartment but it was only to talk to her about the union thing; he swears the door was open and the place trashed when he got there. Then he says Estelle had a "white man" problem -- having been spotted with one at the Blue Note Motel -- which sounds like one of those things privileged white guys complain about when they become slightly less privileged than they were before. Ralph arrests Kovacs on a charge of "I just don't like you." He barks at an annoyed Jack to throw Kovacs in the car, because ADA Va Va Voom has showed up to talk to Hayes about possible mob involvement in the union, which could have something to do with Estelle's death. Before they can discuss things too much, some ne'er-do-wells toss a Molotov cocktail through the window and Ralph takes the opportunity to rub his body all over O'Connell's... I mean, "Protect her from the blast."

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