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Even Showgirls Get the Blues

The phone rings and they're off to the stargazer, with Katherine O'Connell there too, examining Audrey Ballard's body, now in her costume, laid out on stage. Her fingernails are wrecked, indicating she fought hard for her life. Katherine thinks she was dressed after death. They're all rather methodically CSI about it, and even Ralph seems a little up on the psychology of serial killers than a brand-new sheriff would be (even one who was once an MP). Dixon's quite affected by this and starts looking into the cord/rope angle.

The casino manager says "[Audrey] wanted to be great, and she would have been." Max Chandler, director, gruffly wants to know when he can get his stage back, and the casino manager lets it slip that the last time Max saw her, he was yelling at her and threatening her. "I was motivating her to a better performance," he says. The lead pipes up in Max's defence. Max gave her $300 advance, but he doesn't know what it was for. Lead says Audrey kept to herself: "She just wasn't one of the girls." Onstage, the girls all want the spotlight, but off -- she never knew what Audrey's deal was.

Back at the Savoy, the arrival of Clay Stinson, oil tycoon has the staff buzzing, with Red complaining about being treated like a butler. "I had to get our contractor to put an extra window in the bathroom," he says.

They greet Clay, who is immediately taken with Mia -- "small name for a boundless beauty," he says, whatever that's supposed to mean. "He is a character," says Savino, as Red shows him and his oil entourage to their suites.

Sherif's office. Yvonne has found Audrey is originally from Utah but there was a big gap between when she applied for a temporary worker's card and when she started working at the Stargazer. Dixon has come up empty on the murder weapon angle; Jack suggests he starts combing through the records for guys who have histories of violence against women; Jack confirms Audrey was raped, which makes Dixon even angrier. "If I find him, I ain't gonna bother with the cuffs."

Stinson is already down $60,000 when he calls Savino over to ask a favor -- lose the $500 per hand limit. Savino plays reluctant, but drops the limit. He's still nonplussed when Stinson immediately places a half-million bet on the next hand. After hemming and hawing -- and Stinson's suggestion that he'll head across the street where they're happy to take his money -- Savino allows the house to cover the bet. Stinson gets dealt two aces, splits 'em -- meaning another half-million on the table -- and hits face cards for two blackjacks. Stinson and his posse whoop and holler.

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