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Even Showgirls Get the Blues

Jack and Ralph roll up on the warehouse. Jack's about to knock, but Ralph has a better idea: Pulling the garage door off with the truck. The publisher, Todd Thurman, is taking pictures of two women in togas. Ralph starts tossing Thurman around, who assumes Audrey's getting back at him for sending pictures to her father, but he changes his tune when he finds out she's murdered. He has an alibi (one that is confirmed by the terrified toga models, which doesn't seem iron-clad to me), and the Lambs find records of all the stalkers who have sent letters or asked for prints of Audrey? Also, turns out the $300 she was advanced from the director was to buy back her negatives. Having gotten all he can out of the publisher, Ralph throws him on the bed, gives him two hours to haul ass out of Vegas. Then he shoots between Thurman's legs and promises to aim higher if he ever comes back. I'm unclear: Is any of what this guy is doing illegal in Vegas? Because this seems a little excessive to me.

Over at the Savoy, Stinson is busy digesting his meal, with Savino casually noting the celebrating craps players and figuring the dice are hot. He also pretends he wants to keep Stinson away from his tables. Vincent Savino, master of reverse psychology! Stinson's not biting, though, and it's because one time he shot a rhino in Africa, I'm not sure. I'm not really paying attention to him because I keep thinking "Roy! No wonder Pam broke up with you!" Savino makes a sad face and then heads out, and orders Red to get the shills away from the craps table. That seems premature. Surely the plants would at least draw other gamblers to the tables, if not your whale.

Deacon Ballard shows up at the diner (you know, the only one in Vegas) with an envelope, and he won't even sit down. "You tell her this all I have for her, so whatever trouble she's in now, it's not my concern." O'Connell has to tell him Audrey was murdered. He briefly looks bothered by this, and then says it was God's will. "In my eyes, she brought many bad things upon herself. Perhaps this too," he says. He asks O'Connell not to contact him again, and leaves. Now that's a man of the cloth! O'Connell picks up the envelope. Inside is ten bucks and a postcard.

Ugh, this stupid plot with Dixon being afraid of spiders is too annoying to get into. Suffice it to say that that's what Yvonne is looking for, a big brown and orange spider that she saw earlier, and Dixon is a big baby about it. I'm also not sure why she's looking for it in the first place, and why if they're worried about Dixon freaking out about it, as seems to be the case, that she just blurts it out and then actively stokes his fears.

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