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Even Showgirls Get the Blues

Elsewhere, O'Connell is looking with Ralph at the postcard, which reads, "I'm moving. If you change your mind, here's where to find me." So there's a change of address on it. Ralph says they'll check it out. O'Connell says she'll do it, but Ralph says it's not her job, and then gives her a talking-to about how the religious verses found at the crime scenes made the deacon a suspect, so it could have been dangerous for her. O'Connell suddenly gets quite agitated about the case, and says they're not doing enough. "I will not stand over another dead girl and wonder what more I could have done. She stomps out. Friggin' dames, hey, Ralph?

Stinson's leaving the casino, making sure to tell Mia that the offer still stands. She plays along, but once Stinson has gone, she asks Savino what that was all about. He's coy, but she figures it out. "You're not my keeper, Vincent. And you're certainly not my father." Speaking of that, she asks Vincent what her father will say about the weekend take rolling out on a train. Savino is less concerned than you'd think, but we find out quickly, since Stinson's back soon, annoyed because a switch at the railyard broke, and he can't move his private car.

The Glynt subscriber list is a dead end, but Dixon has a name for the forwarding address: Chris Stengel. When Ralph and Jack arrive, they find that Chris Stengel is a woman, so I think we can figure out where this is going.

Ralph susses things out a little sooner than Jack (who seems somewhat taken aback) as Chris cries and talks about how special Audrey was. "Did anyone else know?" asks Ralph gently. "No. We were very careful," she says. As far as men, did she get any attention, Ralph asks. Chris says Audrey didn't think she was good enough for anything else, but was at least working on her own act: "She thought it could be her ticket to Broadway," says Chris. Audrey often stayed late with someone from the Stargazer show, but she didn't say who it was.

Ralph comes back to the sheriff's station to find Grady in his office, whining about a "lack of mutual respect." He says he knows it seems like Savino is pulling his strings but he calls his own shots, he insists. Ralph starts laying folders on his desk for dead men: Bob Perrin, Sheriff Clyde, Davey Cornaro. "They were all friends with Savino. I'd hate to start a file on you," says Ralph. Grady looks unnerved by this, and Ralph shows him the door as O'Connell comes in.

Ralph has a quick reminisces about how long he's known Katherine, but it's so he can say he's never seen her lose control. O'Connell starts talking about her cousin Joan from Cedar City. She came to visit when Katherine was 15, and was raped by a ranchhand. Her father told her to keep quiet. O'Connell wanted to tell her dad, but Joan didn't want her to. "She said it would just cause trouble," she said. Joan never mentioned it again, and the ranch hand quit. O'Connell forgot about it until she saw a year later that he had raped a girl in Henderson. "I should have done something when I had the chance." Lamb says they'll find the killer, and they'll be a lot better off doing it with her than without her. "I was hoping you'd say that," she says.

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