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Even Showgirls Get the Blues

At the casino, Stinson is gambling again, but small stakes. And bad news keeps coming: Rizzo's on his way back since Diane's audition didn't go well, and Stinson has given up on the railway and has chartered a plane. "We can't let him get on that plane," says Savino.

Sheriff's office. O'Connell finds out that the director, Max, had several assault charges brought against him in New York, but they were dropped, so it wasn't on his record. O'Connell decides to go to the theatre to re-canvass witnesses to see if they ever saw anything between Max and Audrey, while the Lamb boys question Max at the office. He stonewalls them, denying everything (except admitting, essentially, that he did come on to Audrey, who rejected him. I believe she would have done that even if she weren't a lesbian, actually). Dixon comes in, having found sheet music for a song called "You Shall Be Forgiven" in Max's car, but Max says Audrey gave it to him. She wrote the choreography, but not the music, he says. So who did?

Hey, remember the piano player who had one line in the cold open? His name is Kerry Chase, and he's tickling the ivories now at the Stargazer, when O'Connell comes in, saying she'd like to talk to him about Max Chandler. He's all, "Of course! Just let me button up my long sleeves since they're all scratched up incriminatingly."

He says Max was always yelling at her. And yes, he did come on to her sexually. When he gets up to get a drink, O'Connell notices the titles on the sheet music he's playing: "You Shall Be Forgiven" and "Are We Not Blessed." He's practicing music for a show he knows isn't going to happen? Well, I guess he is a little nuts.

O'Connell tries to leave, Chase grabs her. She stabs him with a pen and runs into the lounge. He chases her, grabbing a knife, and he starts yelling an insane diatribe about how he and Audrey were made for each other, but she didn't see it that way. "So I had to punish her, just like the others." O'Connell chucks an ashtray at the drum set for a distraction, and then breaks for the door. The first set is locked. The second set has the Lamb brothers entering, who shoot Chase, wounding him.

Over at the Savoy. Mia is playing poker with Stinson. They each bought in for a million, Red tells Savino, winner take all. On what appears to be the first hand Stinson goes all in, drawing one card to Mia's three. She calls his bet, which should mean that he turns over his cards first, but I guess that would lack the dramatic reveal of how his busted straight doesn't beat her pair of eights. He's good-natured in defeat, and promises to be back.

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