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Chips On Your Shoulder

It's a crime scene in a house, a dealer lying dead on the floor. Neighbors heard a gunshot, but didn't get a plate number from the car that was seen fleeing the scene. Ralph gets annoyed when he discovers that the deputy who found the body untied the dealer, who had been bound. Ralph yells at everybody to not do that again, so he can do his Sherlock Rancher thing. The full money clip that Jack has found attests to this not being a robbery, but Ralph is the one who -- despite a full house of cops -- finds a woman tied up in the trunk of a car in the garage.

Back at the station, he says he's sorry about her husband, and she says they weren't married. Well, either way she's available now! She and Wes met at the House of Cards casino, where she was a waitress. She says she stopped by this morning to bring him some soup because he had a cold. There was a knock on the door, and then a guy with a mask and a gun pushed his way in, tied up Wes, threw her in the trunk and that's when the gunshot went off. She says she doesn't know anyone who'd do this.

Jack and Ralph discuss the case while Ralph cleans out Sheriff Clyde or Clive or whatever's office. He'd rather be at his ranch, dispensin' justice and ropin' lil' dogies, but the mayor apparently wants Ralph there since he's been on the payroll a couple of weeks now (along with every available Lamb male, it appears). Ralph opens Clive's desk to find stacks of hundred-dollar casino chips, and says it looks like the former sheriff was on two payrolls. Ralph flips the chips around in his fingers quite effortlessly for a mere rancher, if you ask me.

Elsewhere, O'Connell and DA Reynolds are meeting with Perrin and his lawyer. Reynolds threatens the gas chamber for Perrin's murder of the governor's niece, and Perrin, through the lawyer, offers to give up everything he knows, which is supposedly good enough to take down Savino as well as the Chicago mob.

Naturally, the next scene is Reynolds laying this all out for Savino on a back road, calling it a "hail Mary" but if Perrin knows anything, the gaming commission could pull Savino's license. That's why Reynolds is stumping so hard for the gas chamber, but that doesn't satisfy Savino, since there's plenty of time to talk between conviction and execution. He wants Reynolds to let Perrin walk, but Perrin says the eyewitness maid is a rock-solid witness. Savino says the maid is "going away."

Cut to the maid and her family being escorted out of their motel by Savino's men, under the impression that they've won a trip to Cleveland, which I'm sure is nice and all, but they seem a little too thrilled about that. Good god, there are kids with them. Please don't kill them.

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