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I Wouldn't Argue About the Bank's Transaction Fees, Either

In the back, things rapidly deteriorate as the non-Walter White guy, named Nathan, douses the owner with booze and lights a match, much to his (and Walter White Jr.'s) horror. "Don't act like you don't deserve this," says Nathan, and he sets the guy alight. Yeah, quit being a baby and take your immolation like a man!

The gunmen hightail it out of there (Walter White Jr. limping slightly) just before the Lambs rush in, Ralph using a fire extinguisher to put Monty out and Jack chasing the bad guys. Despite the fact the gunmen had only a few seconds' head start (and one of them limped), Jack loses them almost immediately.

Night. Dirt road. Ralph still unconscious in back of car, but coming to. Then he's chloroformed and dragged somewhere.

Thirty-six hours earlier! At the sheriff's office, Jack has found the criminal record of Nathan Auster, who did time in the Nevada State Pen for a liquor store robbery and recently got out. But the investigation comes to a halt when Jack's girlfriend shows up -- Jack acting ridiculously over-formal towards her, prompting eye-rolling in absolutely everyone -- to give them the heads-up about Hal Whitford because if Whitford's cheating she's worried that someone from the casino might be helping him. So it's another inside job, is it? And then Jack tries to flirt with her and strikes out big time.

Dixon and Ralph interview Nathan's heartbroken mom and discover that the limping accomplice was likely Nathan's younger brother Russ -- Nathan "filled his head with nonsense," says Mom, and that their dad -- who frequented the sports book just robbed by the brothers -- died just a month ago, but they lost him down a bottle long before that.

Savino gives Cota a suitcase of cash to bring to Farwood to cover Tumbleweed work, and Cota cracks wise about how this the first time he's taking cash to a bank. Not bad!

Then Laura shows up, freaked out that the stage manager asked her if she wanted any of Diane's dresses. She peppers a taciturn Vincent with questions about Diane, saying she didn't seem like a drug addict. Vincent says "these people" know how to hide it, and gets a little angry when Laura persists. "You're asking questions you don't want to know the answers to," he almost snarls, and then gets a little too offended when Laura comes right out and asks if he killed Diane. He denies it, but -- when she reminds him that he promised no more lies -- that it's possible some gave her a "hot dose": two parts heroin, one part strychnine. "Maybe it was Rizzo, or maybe it was just bad luck," he says. And that's about all she's getting out of him.

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