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I Wouldn't Argue About the Bank's Transaction Fees, Either

At the Savoy, Savino gets good news via the phone from Farwood: They're opening up the Tumbleweed credit line again. Savino doesn't appear to have any idea of the role Rizzo played in that, and Rizzo doesn't spill the beans here, but he's also not in the mood to listen to Savino's warnings against using the Tumbleweed as his personal piggybank, and he stomps off until it's time to come back for the meeting with Farwood to go over the details.

Katherine may have to hold off on the wiretap celebration drink, since DA Reynolds says he can't go forward on a wiretap without knowing her CI is, arguing he needs to know if they're credible and can stand up in court. Katherine doesn't spill it, but counters that if they don't make a move on Rizzo, the feds will, and she doesn't want "to be pushing papers for a federal prosecutor." Reynolds at least seems impressed with her ambition if frustrated by her ability to keep a secret.

Over at the sheriff's office, Jack tells Ralph that Whitford made bail, and Ralph says he'll bring the cash evidence over to the Bank and Trust on his way to meet Katherine for that drink. Carrying such a huge sum of money alone in his old pickup is a monumentally stupid idea, no?

Anyway, he's delayed by a phone call from Russ Auster. Or maybe he wants to be called Flynn now? Anyway, he warns Ralph that he's coming for him when the time is right. Ralph's not exactly scared by the threat. More saddened. After Russ hangs up, Jack says there wasn't enough time to trace the call. Ralph suggests to look at phone booths near railroad crossings, since there was the sound of a train in the background.

And now we've reached the start of the episode, and realize that Ralph was grinning probably because of the anticipation of the drink with Katherine. Meanwhile, Savino and Rizzo are arriving at the huge mansion where they're supposed to meet Farwood. Savino urges Rizzo to let him do all the talking. After ringing the doorbell, though, they're greeted from behind by a tough-looking crew led by none other than Michael Ironside, who I know these days mainly as the voice of Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell series, and... uh... let's just say Michael Ironside looks like no one's idea of a stealth espionage agent. Anyway, Savino's all, there's some kind of mistake, we're supposed to meet the board of directors. "We are the board of directors," says Ironside. Heh. Farwood strolls out too, a little less fearful than the last time he saw Rizzo. "Neighbor," he says, facetiously.

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