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I Wouldn't Argue About the Bank's Transaction Fees, Either

Back at the sheriff's office, Yvonne relays a report that they found Russ Auster's car, but it turns out to have bought by someone back in Vegas, where for all they know Russ still is. And worse news: Freddie from the bank called to let them know Ralph's empty truck is outside and there's blood on the sidewalk. Jack orders Yvonne to get every deputy back to the office and they're going to start looking at all the nearby railroad crossings.

Ralph, in the pit, hands tied, coughs while someone from up above shovels dirt on him. Still, he manages to work free some sort of sheathed jackknife he's got.

At the sheriff's office, Dixon and Jack are strategizing the search when Mia comes in -- and at what point does Mia start thinking that maybe it's not a great idea for her to be constantly seen going to the sheriff's office? -- and asks if Whitford is still in custody because she found out he ran a similar scam at the Nugget six months ago under an alias. The casino hired a security guy to find him, but he went missing. Jack finally figures that maybe the guy who's out $130,000 and who KNEW WHERE THAT MONEY WAS might have something to do with the disappearance of Ralph, and he remembers Whitford talking about a family ranch in Paradise Valley. He orders all deputies over there, because if Whitford's got Ralph, that's where he'll be. Sure! Because it's always such a smart idea to murder people and bury them at your own home! I mean, the time left in the episode suggests that Jack's right, but come on.

Rizzo and Savino are bound and bloodied and seated in an empty warehouse while the toughest bank board of directors ever glare menacingly at them. "Men like us have been keeping peace in this valley since the first wagon train arrived," says Ironside. Savino tries saying they can work this out so everyone wins, and Ironside (I may just keep calling him Ironside because it's not like his character will have a cooler name) asks if they've ever heard of the Paiute. It was a native American tribe in the area and one time a couple of their "bad apples" raided a homestead, set it ablaze, burned the family alive. "The next morning the council was convened, and... you people understand the necessity of a quick response, don't you, Savino?" The message here is, "So, have you ever heard of the Paiute? No? Exactly."

Ironside says the mob has operated with impunity but have overstayed their welcome, which is when the shotguns start getting pumped. Savino tries the "You need us" argument, suggesting that everything the local boys controlled -- mining, ranching, water -- is tapped out, and warns that if they kill Rizzo and Savino, they'll be a footnote to the Paiute.

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