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That Girl Is Poison

Meanwhile, Ralph and Katherine -- apparently the ONLY ONES ON THE HUNT FOR JONES -- have tracked him to a diner, where he stole a car and is likely headed for the Mexican border. Lucky for them, it was leaking oil so it should seize up before he gets there. Time for Ralph and Katherine to have a heart-to-heart; Ralph cluelessly thinks Katherine is shaken up because she was shot at, but she's of course blaming herself for the fact two deputies are dead, and she's got to make this right by finding him. Ralph is totally turned on by her toughness, which she chalks up to "ranch living and beef jerky."

So the farmer and the gangsters have stopped to gas up, with the daughter reading To Kill a Mockingbird -- "This totally new book that just came out, doesn't that blow your mind I'm reading a stone-cold classic that's brand new?" she basically says. This reminds Savino of his own bookworm daughters, but he then comes up short when asked what kind of books they like to read.

He heads inside to find Red and Cota are having a wacky gangsters-try-on-cowboy-clothes moment. Cota has a dorky cowboy hat on, although his face is already blistered to the point that he should just check into the oncology wing whenever they get back.

Outside, motorcycle toughs straight out of Central Casting are harassing the farmer and his daughter for not paying the toll, with the leader -- looking kind of adorably clean-cut next to, say, anyone from SAMCRO -- suggesting he take it out in trade. The gangsters come out and start shooting their guns at the ground to scare off the toughs, and then seem rather surprised that this has scared the farmer and his daughter as well. "What business are you men in, exactly?" asks the farmer. His daughter is so traumatized she won't take the necklace Savino bought her in the shop. "We just need to get where we're going, and you'll never see us again," a chastened Savino quietly tells the farmer.

At the station, Dixon is questioning Robbie Reuben, Fay's hack comic stalker, who is too harmless -- we hope, given how creepily excited he is to have a program from Fay's first on-stage appearance, age SEVEN in his collection of memorabilia. The collection also includes a copy of the Teentastics' most recent contract, which Dixon, fortunately spends enough time looking at to realize has no signature line for Fay. "It appears that Fay is about to begin her solo career," says Reuben.

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