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That Girl Is Poison

Then Jack shows up at the house with the hobo alert. And really, even if he didn't know Rizzo is gunning for him, you'd think he'd have sent another deputy in his place, especially since none of them are needed to investigate a poisoning or a prison break. But it is what it is, and Jack walks into the darkened house and gets a gun pointed at the back of his head. "You messed with the wrong girl's father, deputy," says Rizzo.

Katherine and Ralph find the car Jones stole at a produce farm that has trucks heading to Mexico, and luckily there's just one on the road to the border right now.

Elsewhere, Jack is tied to a chair, with Rizzo wanting to know what Mia spilled to the ADA. Jack doesn't know what he's talking about, of course, but Rizzo doesn't believe him. The mayor's cousin -- or, more likely, the woman pretending to be the mayor's cousin -- interrupts to demand from Rizzo the stuff he promised her. He gives her a syringe, and she shoots up right there. "The rest of the stuff I promised you, you're not going to need it," he says, just as she collapses on to the coffee table, smashing it. "Say hello to Diane Desmond for me," he says coldly, and then turns his attention back to Jack, this time with a cattle prod.

On the road, the farmer pulls over because the road the gangsters need to go on was never finished, and where they need to go is five miles east over the brush. The truck is too heavy and might get stuck he says. So they're hoofing it again, but the daughter catches up to Savino and gives him her finished copy of To Kill a Mockingbird for his daughters, putting him back into a semi-good mood.

At the hotel, Dixon shows up to confront Fay's father about cutting her out of the act, which is news to her, even if her father doesn't think it should be: "Family acts don't drink, smoke reefer and run around with every Tom, Dick and deputy who crosses her path," he says. Aw, he couldn't have said "the reefer"? Just for me? Fay accuses him of being a hypocrite for having a different waitress in every hotel, while Mom's got more pills in her than a damn pharmacy. The rest of the family doesn't seem particularly shocked by the accusations, but Dixon might want to rethink the "Holy shit, this is awesome" look on his face.

Dixon says it's convenient that Fay is poisoned just as Mr. Binder wants her out of the group, and the father is all, Yeah, I don't NEED to poison her because I CAN KICK HER OUT OF THE GROUP, YOU IDIOT. "Now, Junior, run along. I think it's a school night," he says. Snicker.

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