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That Girl Is Poison

It's dark as the gangsters drive back, silently, although Cota for one is willing to look at the bright side: "At least we got out of the casino for a while. My asthma's cleared up." And hey, they're better off than this poor hitch-hiking bastard, who turns out to be Jones, who is such a master criminal that he's apparently out in the open and just begging to be picked up by the police. The gangsters screech to a halt, and get out with guns up. "Guess I'm not going home empty-handed after all," says Savino.

Sheriff's office. Ralph pours Katherine a stiff belt and tells her what happened wasn't her fault: She's one of the smartest, kindest, hardest-working people he knows, he tells her, and Jones ought to be worried about crossing paths with her again. She confesses that when Jones was shooting at her, she thought she was good as gone, and she thought about regrets: "Things I'd done, things I haven't done." Clearly Ralph falls into that second category, but she's leaving so they're going to drag out the sexual tension here a little while longer.

Over on Fremont Street, Red and Cota are working Jones over right there for everyone to see, but Jones -- his dental work is presumably going to need to be fixed again -- says he won't beg for his life. "The good news is you get to live. Better news is you work for me now. I own you," Savino tells him.

Rizzo's on the phone confirming Mia's alibi, and comes back to Jack to tell him his story checks out. "So this little meeting must be the handiwork of Mr. Savino, who I will deal with in my own way. But right now, I gotta deal with you." Jack tries telling him he doesn't have to do this, but never let it be said that Rizzo doesn't put that special effort into his work. "I'm just going to lift my gun and hold it there for a ridiculously long time," Rizzo says. This gives the OD victim time to come back to life long after she took a hotshot and died, and take a shard of glass from the broken coffee table without Rizzo noticing and sneak up on him and plunge it into his neck. Rizzo writhes in pain and the woman frees Jack, but then gets a bullet in the back as she tries to leave. Rizzo and Jack struggle, with Jack eventually getting the drop on Rizzo -- who draws anyway, and Jack shoots him. Rizzo looks dead, but until that's confirmed I'm not sure I'll buy it, given that Rizzo just learned that Savino set him up.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. Is not killing Jones going to turn out to be the dumbest thing Savino has done yet? Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at

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