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Guys, No Gang Wars While My Wife is in Town, Huh?

The kid goes out back to practice his hula-hooping while his mom makes a snack for him in the kitchen and notices the pool guy going by. Moments later, the kid is gone, leaving behind his hula hoop, much to his mother's consternation. She picks it up, then drops it and it whirls around in hokey slow-motion when she sees the pool guy absconding with their son, stuffing him in a car parked out front that peels off, leaving the mother screaming and collapsing in the middle of the street.

Jack and Ralph arrive and Dixon fills them in, letting them know that the car was spotted but then lost somewhere in the subdivision. Jack and Ralph peel out and find it. You couldn't have missed it, really. It's a brown Ford Galaxy -- probably anachronistic in detail, as pretty much all cars on this show are I'm told, if that's your thing -- and it's also on fire in someone's driveway. Car fires were not really in fashion in the early '60s. Jack has to restrain Ralph from hopping in to the inferno that is the car to see if Tim's there.

We're in Milwaukee now, in some sort of dingy basement office/storage area. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" is playing, and some glasses-wearing dude in a brown shop apron answers it as "Jones," and gets brief instructions to get out to Vegas. He says he'll be on the next plane and then goes back to what he was apparently doing before the phone rang: Unspeakable things to whoever this is sitting in a chair, back to the camera. Jones tells him he's got to go to Vegas, so the good news is they're done here. The bad news is the lake is cold this time of year. But the bright spot there is that this guy won't be feeling it for much longer. So we're doing the bookish-looking nerdy guy is actually a cold, vicious psychopath, is that it?

Back to Vegas (an on-screen graphic unnecessarily tells us Ralph and Jack didn't decide to go investigate a burned-out Ford Galaxy in some other city for some reason), we determine that there was no one in the car when it burned. But there are three pairs of boots in the trunk, leading Ralph to conclude it was crew and not a random grab. The house is a bust -- just used to switch vehicles -- and the neighbors didn't see anything.

Tim's father, Jack tells us, is Milton Larson, highway contractor but -- probably more important in terms of enemy-making possibilities -- the newest member of the gaming commission, meaning casinos need his vote to get a license. Ralph tells Jack that when they talk to the parents, use Tim's name and not to speak of him in the past tense lest they freak out and become useless, investigation-wise.

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