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Guys, No Gang Wars While My Wife is in Town, Huh?

Meanwhile, Laura and Mia are sharing drinks and Laura is telling the tawdry tale of how she met Vincent, which was when her date at an underground casino started getting fresh with her, or whatever, and Vincent -- the casino manager -- grabbed the guy by the throat to give him a lecture about manners. Laura says she was surprised to find Vincent a multi-faceted man -- charming, intelligent and tactical, the best example of the last one being using Mia to sell Laura on Vegas. Mia says he didn't ask her to do that. "You're smart. He didn't have to. And he's the boss," says Laura, and Mia says he's the best she's had. Let's presume the two of them are going to get sloppy drunk and tell scary mob-relation stories!

Elsewhere, a man and woman are sweating up the sheets when in strolls Jones, which is, as you can imagine, quite the mood killer. He ignores their surprise and asks Ruth -- who turns out to be Davey Cornaro's secretary -- where Davey and "the sandwich" are. First, he's got to break Eddie's hand and crack him across the jaw, knocking him out first. The sandwich turns out, unsurprisingly, to be an envelope full of money that a frightened Ruth tells Jones is in the dresser drawer. He picks it up and says it's a little light. She promises desperately that she'll pay it back. She doesn't know where Davey is; she figured that since he left without the money, he wasn't coming back. That... is probably the opposite of what she should have figured, but never mind.

She fearfully wants to make sure they can square things, and he assures her that everything will be "peachy," and that's before she drops the sheet from her naked body to indicate how she'd like to pay. He stands there, and it doesn't take a genius to know that this is the last we'll see Ruth alive.

Back at the sheriff's office, this crack team has found the army-surplus store where the gang -- led by someone being called "Sarge" -- bought their gear, including two-hundred rounds of 30-calibre ammo. "They're prepping for a fight," says Ralph. Dixon found the garage that sold the car, and the owner overheard them talking about meeting back at "King's" which is a motel. The sheriffs saddle up, but Ralph orders Dixon to stay behind. "It's not a discussion," says Ralph, before heading outside, where Jack sticks up for Dixon -- not that Ralph is hearing any of it, and accusing Jack of meddling. Jack doesn't think it was called "meddling" when he was raising Dixon while Ralph was off being an MP. "I'm his father. You're his uncle. It's different," says Ralph, and outglowers Jack.

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