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Guys, No Gang Wars While My Wife is in Town, Huh?

Speaking of supper, Laura and Vincent wait outside the casino for their car to be brought around so they can get to the country club. Vincent's nervous, but Laura seems to be coming around. She warmly tells Vincent to make the banker believe in him, like she does. But it takes no more time than for Vincent to put Laura in the passenger seat and then walk around to the driver's side for her to turn cool again: She spots bullet holes in the upholstery, and then looks at his bandaged hand again.

So she suddenly decides she's not feeling well and suggests Vincent go without her, but he's crushed. "This isn't for me, this is for us. Please -- I need you," he tells her, and it looks like she's torn.

Red's men visit the chop shop where "Little Mike" brought Cornaro's Cadillac and find -- not surprisingly -- it's been chopped. So they order him to put it back together. He says that's not something he does, and quickly learns that it's what he does if he wants to keep breathing.

Over at the sheriff's office, the mayor arrives to find Ralph doing some overtime brooding over the Larson case. The mayor says this is why he asked him to be sheriff: "It eats at you when somebody's doing somebody wrong. Not all of us are built like that." And whether Ralph signs the nomination papers or not, this won't be last boy that trouble finds. Well, that should make Ralph feel better! Ralph says coming in to this office is what changes a man, and the men he brings with him -- this is the root of his fear over having his son here, clearly. "This city needs you," says the mayor, and strolls on out of there.

Out where actual police work is going on, the criminally underused ADA Va Va Voom comes in with a little of Wade Ulm's history and Dixon's heard from Ulm's bank, where he recently cashed a cheque from one Gus Wilson. Wilson's brought in for interrogation by O'Connell and Lamb, with the chief question being whether Wilson's slots parlor has a gaming license. It does not, but Wilson says the money was supposed to be for a bribe for Milton's right-hand man -- not Turley, but brother-in-law Uncle Andy. It didn't work though, and Wilson wanted his money, saying he'd expose Andy unless he got it back. It seems unlikely that Wilson would do that, but nevertheless, the money was supposed to be paid back in cash, tomorrow. Wow, tomorrow's going to be busy! The ransom's due, Wilson is supposed to get his money ba-- ohhhhh.

Andy, now in Ralph's office, hotly denies the allegations, but Milton remembers voting against Wilson's license since he didn't have enough funds in escrow to cover payouts -- while Andy kept urging him to vote in favor. Sure enough, the kidnapping was to make enough money to pay back the bribe -- which Andy has already spent -- as well as Ulm's crew, but they double-crossed Andy, he pleads, and now want all the money to themselves and have promised to kill Tim unless Andy does the drop. It's hard to believe that people who'll kidnap a nine-year-old would go back on their word like this, but there you have it. Andy gets a beatdown from Ralph and Andy, which seems reasonable. Ralph wants to know who Ulm's men are, but Andy says he's never met them, and Ralph says that's the first useful thing he has said.

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