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Savino and Lamb: Together At Last!

Elsewhere, the Lambs descend on Saffran's rental property, which turns out to be a lab full of smashed equipment, including moulds to make fake chips. Instead of fake teeth, he was making fake chips, says Ralph, and Jack has to go, "Reckon he bit off more than he can chew," and then he puts his sunglasses on while The Who kicks in.

The police work continues back at the station, where Ralph is planning to head over to talk to Savino -- once again leaving Dixon in the office.

When they get to the Savoy, Savino jokes that they should try using the telephone once in a while. They fill him in on the fake chips, and Savino acknowledges they found a few, but with the dentist dead, now his problems are solved, apparently. Not so, say the Lambs, explaining that someone stole the dentist's equipment and could now be, as they speak, churning about fake chips by the trayful. A couple of two-steps here, and suddenly Ralph and Savino are working together on their "mutual-interest situation." Savino says he may have a lead, but Ralph's got to promise not to bust his chops.

By which he means the lead is a bruised and bloody Sullivan, who sticks to his story about not knowing what's going on, but does say he heard about getting chips made out of dental cement, but it's not common because it's only sold to dentists.

As for Grady, he is currently charming the pants off the League of Women Voters. I mean not literally, not yet. Although they all have dresses on, and I'm not sure "charm the dress off" has ever been an expression. He's dressed much better and his hair is combed in a way that manages to hide its ignoble retreat from a decent hairline.

Bennett, meanwhile, is even gruffer than usual. He's approaching Wilford Brimley levels of gruff. "What the hell happened to Grady? The suit he's got on cost more than he has in his campaign fund," he says, asking O'Connell how Grady could be affording this. She's curious too, and even more curious to find out about Laura, which she does when they show up. As for Savino, he's acknowledging the work she's done in polishing this turd of a candidate, and she warns him that the televised debate is going to be tough.

Ralph and Dixon show up at the only medical supply shop closer than Carson City where dental cement can be bought -- Dixon sarcastically devouring the fresh air that he doesn't get to experience from being cooped up in the office all day. Ralph warns him not to get used to it. Their easy joshing vanishes when they find the night watchman dead, however.

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