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Savino and Lamb: Together At Last!

Naturally, the only thing stolen is a drum of dental cement. Whoever did it couldn't get it by legal means, then. "Now we've narrowed it down to someone who isn't a dentist," moans Dixon, which was pretty funny, and then Jack selflessly volunteers to go work with Mia to look through records of who was on duty when fake chips were found.

The next day, Savino's men hijack a truck carrying a load of televisions; they've got a list of businesses where they're going to drop them off. "Some days it's a pleasure coming to work," says one of them, in direct contrast to Jack, who in the previous scene had been moaning about how much he misses the ranch.

Over at the beauty parlor, ADA O'Connell makes chitchat with Laura, sitting under the hair dryer while she reads a Time magazine with Kennedy on the cover and then makes joke about Kennedy's influential friends in Illinois. Borelli strolls in to drop off a television compliments of Grady, so everyone can watch him mop up Bennett in the debates. Laura looks awkward while O'Connell looks like she's piecing things together.

Mia and Jack working in the files. "We could be here all night." "Worse things have happened." She looks at him but doesn't respond, so he starts nosily poking his nose in the business of her interest in D.A. Reynolds, which she politely but firmly reminds him is none of his beeswax. Plus, Reynolds brother DIDN'T beat up her dad. Damn, for how long is she going to bring that up?

Lamb goes to see Savino to tell him about the dead security guard and the theft of the dental cement. "You're going to be buried in fakes before you know it."

Meanwhile, Jack has found a cluster of transactions of just under $2,000 that in sum add up to the amount Saffran owed -- good thing he just made enough to clear his debt and didn't add any for himself, hey -- and Mia realizes that since anything over $2,000 needs to be reported, he had some help with the cashier, who must have been in on it.

They head out on the casino floor, while a gaming supply guy trundles a crate of equipment in, the camera and music letting us know that something is up with this guy.

We watch the gaming-supply guy get let into the vault by the security guards, while Savino and Lamb discuss Savino's plan to switch out their chips entirely. Their realization that stealing that much dental cement could only mean Buddy would want a quick score soon before Savino switches the chips out, and so they spring to the safe, but they're too late. The guards are tied up and the safe has been robbed.

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