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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Stupid Little Lies

So Dixon in a leather jacket and white T-shirt -- you know, the Brando! -- arrives at the race and meets Pete. Maybe if Dixon wants to keep going undercover, he should stay in character instead of telling Pete he wishes he weren't working (because of all the women there he wants to have sex with it seems). He's surprised to find out Pete still plans to race, but Pete says it would look suspicious if he didn't, so Dixon allows it. And Pete thanks Dixon for taking a chance on him. By this point Dixon might as well have just worn his damn uniform to the race.

So Pete gets his car and drags some guy in a souped-up jalopy -- at least until his steering wheel starts rattling and he loses control, crashing his car into a parked car that goes up in a ridiculous fireball. Must be Douse Your Car in Gasoline Night!

After the commercial break, Mike Netter is in police custody and Catherine notes he's got priors for robbery, assault and drug violations, which -- when they question him -- she says will help her convince a jury he had something to do with this. A worried Netter says Rizzo was paying Myrna to lure somebody to the house. He didn't see anyone there at first, but when he came back a few hours later, he found the bodies. He only remembers passing a white pickup truck on the way back -- we get a helpful flashback that suggests it wasn't a good look at Jack or anything.

Outside the interview room, Jack is basically, "So this guy totally did it, huh?" but Ralph and Catherine are skeptical because there's no way Netter could have gotten the drop on Rizzo. Catherine still likes Savino for it.

Dixon comes up to tell them Pete's going to be OK, despite being in car crash that incinerated two vehicles and everything, and he's going to go down to the garage where he works. Dixon thinks it's a little too suspicious that as soon as Pete started talking to the law that he got in an accident. But you do such a good job undercover, Dixon! Ralph wants to come with and he tells Jack to find the guy in the white pickup truck. Netter, meanwhile, is staring out the window at Jack.

Over at the garage, Ralph hits on a cute redhead while Dixon is all of a sudden against trying to get laid whilst on the job, so he goes to talk to Pete's boss Eddie, who's working on Pete's car. Eddie says someone bored holes into bolts on the steering column, so once the car got up to 7,000-8,000 RPM, they sheared right off, causing Eddie to lose control.

Ralph has come back over by this point and he cuts off a surprised Dixon just as he's about to ask about the car theft ring, and says their goodbyes.

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