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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Stupid Little Lies

Back at the hotel, Vincent's got a box of cash and jewels that belonged to Rizzo that he gives to Mia and says the rest of his things are being boxed up for her to do with what she will. As for the job, she notes that with her dad out of the way, he's got free rein at the Savoy so expansion can't be far off, plus he'll be running the Tumbleweed. So she'll run the count room, but she also wants to be head of casino operations. She knows Chicago wants twice the skim, so he can't afford any mistakes and needs someone he can trust. "Now, more than ever, you need me," she says. "Now, more than ever"? How about "At the end of the day"? Does Vincent need her "going forward"?

Eddie denies messing with Pete's car and says Pete really didn't want to have anything to do with the car theft ring, but he needed money. Eddie doesn't know what for, though.

Savino shows up at the sheriff's office, having been summoned by Catherine, and if he and Jack want to keep things quiet, maybe they should stop staring at each other so weirdly. Anyway, Savino pleasantly tells Catherine Rizzo was a friend and he'll do anything to help, which is why he's (pretending to be) offended when she tells him he's a suspect. She says even though he thwarted her earlier investigation, his "day of reckoning" is still coming." She threatens to get word back to Chicago that Laura was her informant and it disgusts Savino that cops would... well, you know, act like gangsters. "Any time you want to confess your sins, you let me know, Mr. Savino," says Catherine. Savino says she doesn't have the guts to make his kids orphans, and stomps out. Well, that was useful!

Savino's not in any better mood when he gets back to the Savoy, because there's no music -- Cota tells him the piano player quit for a job at the Hacienda. Wow, this subplot of the difficulties of booking entertainment at a casino is thrilling! Well, at least there's the possibility of someone getting shot -- no, wait, Savino is Mr. I-Want-To-Do-This-Legit gangster, so that's not going to happen. But he does want Cota to arrange a meeting with Stone (i.e. kidnap the little shit).

Dixon goes snooping around Pete's house, which is deserted. Fortunately, someone left the divorce petition between Pete and his wife Shelley (Pete Shelley? Someone's a Buzzcocks fan!) on the counter, just in case anyone happened by and needed to advance the plot. Speaking of which: There's a kids bedroom.

Back at the sheriff's office, Ralph asks Jack if he's found that white pickup yet and Jack -- eyes darting all over the place -- says, "No, because this county has lots of white pickups, including mine, but I ruled that one out because I totally didn't kill Rizzo, of course." Ralph gives him a pat on the back and tells him they'll find the guy. Jack looks like he's on the verge of coming clean -- like, JESUS, Jack, it's only getting worse the longer you wait. He starts to talk -- and then Catherine interrupts because she's got the coroner's report, which shows Rizzo was killed by the same gun -- his own -- that was used to kill Myrna. So they already have the murder weapon. Jack offhandedly asks where the gun is and Catherine, instead of saying, "What a weird question," says it's already with the FBI but WHAT LUCK the fingerprint package isn't going out until later.

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