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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Stupid Little Lies

Dixon reports back with the news that Pete sunk all his money into buying a house and had filed for divorce and was seeking custody of his daughter. So he and Ralph head over to see Shelley, who says she's a good mother and manages to keep a straight face despite her daughter fighting for elbow space among the garbage and booze bottles all over the place. Ralph makes a crack about what a judge might say if he could see the place. Shelley says the custody hearing was yesterday and Pete didn't show, so obviously Gina isn't too important to him. I'd like to know what kind of two-bit lawyer can't get a custody hearing postponed due to one of the participants BEING IN THE HOSPITAL but whatever. Dixon suggests she had something to do with it, but she says Pete's the father of her child so she would never.

Ralph ambles outside to chat up Shelley's boyfriend, who's packing up the car because they're heading to California where he's getting work on an oil rig. Ralph says he must have been confident about the outcome of the custody hearing, and the sullen boyfriend grunts something about judges knowing kids should be with their mothers. Ralph Lamb don't brook no sexism, y'all! Ralph notes the dude's electric drill and asks to borrow his eighth-inch drillbit (the size used to drill holes in the bolts in Pete's car), a request that will elicit either confusion or hostility, so it's kind of dumb of Ralph to turn his back on Buddy, who grabs a crowbar and starts swinging. Then they wrestle around on the ground a little until Ralph gets the upper hand on the guy half his age (yay for old man strength!) and clocks him with the crowbar, just as Dixon is finally running outside to see what's going on.

Stone -- who should be a LITTLE more concerned -- is taken to the Savoy's "private entrance," i.e. an alley where Savino can use maximum glower power for Stone poaching all of his entertainment. Apparently, Stone has the utmost respect for Savino and was doing it to get his attention, because "You of all people know what this city could be. So do I." And it turns out that the contracts he's been having the entertainment sign are with him personally, not the Hacienda. Savino briefly sounds like he's going to kill Stone, because then the contracts will be null and void, but then offers him a job as entertainment director instead. Apparently it's always been Stone's dream to work for the poor man's Nicky Santoro, so he's thrilled.

So let's wrap up the boring Pete storyline, too! The boyfriend is being charged with attempted murder and Shelley is being charged as an accessory. And the charges against Pete are being dropped because he at least felt bad about what he did and now here's his daughter for hugs and kisses and everything turns out good for Pete.

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