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Gonna Work It Out
pped by pigs like Dixon: He's willing to drop the theft charge as long as she comes to the station to pay her speeding ticket so he can hit on her some more. Essentially. She tells Dixon to give the ticket to the doofus pulling up behind Dixon, who is Tommy Stone, who I guess has some sort of homing device on Violet? Because otherwise I'm not sure how he knew where they were. At any rate, Violet drives off, and Tommy tries to buy his way out of the ticket, but Dixon won't accept the cash. Besides, they have bonding to do over what a hot piece of ass Violet Mills is, apparently.

Over at the sheriff's office, Ralph tells Catherine that Rizzo's prints were all over the phone, so I guess that means Rizzo lured someone there (or, you know, talked on the phone). Catherine's less than interested, since she thinks it's a dead end, now that flashy Agent Byrne is in town, with his chess metaphors and his desire to go after the bigwigs.

Jack comes in with the news that Latimer had been wiring money every week for the last ten months to someone named Nikisch.

The Lamb brothers head to the house of this Nikisch person, who turns out to be a lady. WHAAAT? She explains Nikisch is her maiden name, but her married name is Nadia Latimer, since she's married to Bert.

After a commercial break, Nadia explains, tears in her eyes, about how Bert came into the diner every morning, and then they got to talking and she fell for him right away. They were married six weeks later. As for the money, it's because Bert travels half the year, so he sends money for expenses. Alarm bells start going off for the Lambs.

Anyway, she's Hungarian, not Russian, but she came here with her mother when she was three months old. She has a brother, Tamas, who came here only five years ago, and guess what? He never liked Bert. In fact, they had a big fight the other night, over money.

So the Lambs' working theory is that Tamas found out Bert had a second wife. Ralph figures Bert might have been relieved to get shot. "Two wives? You gotta be one hell of a juggler," he says. Kidding aside, I'm always fascinated by stories about men with two families. WHERE DO THEY HAVE THE TIME?

Over at the Savoy, Mia's surprised to see Savino's car being towed in, and the valet explains that it broke down out in the desert Thursday night, and no one could get a hold of him. It's only being brought back now? Convenient for the plot, I suppose, because Mia goes right to Jack, having figured that "out in the desert" means "close to the place where my father was killed," I guess? She tells Jack she's convinced Vincent did it, or -- since his fingerprints weren't found out there -- had someone do it. Jack tells her he'll look into it, and he wants her to keep a cool head.

And now for Today In Why Dixon Is An Idiot: he accepts a side gig offer from Tommy, who wants him to keep an eye on Violet. This is stupid on the supposedly really savvy Tommy's part too, since they've already bonded over how much they'd enjoy having sex with Violet, essentially, and that's pretty much exactly what Barry Silver wants NOT to happen.

This is supposed to be a side gig, but apparently it's right out to the set for Dixon. Violet's surprised to see him there, and warns him she doesn't like to be watched. Her cockiness vanishes shortly after filming of the western begins, when Violet learns her big scene has been cut down to just one line. She demands to speak to Barry Silver, but the director is all, "Cellphones haven't been invented yet!" so her response is to jump on a horse and gallop away. "Does anybody here know how to ride a damn horse?" says the director in exasperation. That would be Dixon, who saddles up and chases after her.

At the sheriff's office, Tamas has been brought in for questioning, and he admits to shaking down Latimer for money, and appears to be under the misapprehension that what he was doing isn't actually a crime. He knows murder is, but says he didn't kill Latimer -- but he might have seen who is. He's not exactly willing to give it up, so Jack threatens him with a night in a cell. Tamas says in the Ukraine they'd call this jail -- with its heat and running water -- the Hilton. But he does give up that Latimer had stopped returning his calls, and so he followed him after work, which is when he saw someone in a white Cadillac with a black top (it was too dark to make out the face) shoot Latimer.

Well, Mrs. Latimer has a car matching that description, plus a lucrative insurance policy on Bert, so the Lambs swing by the house so they can bring her down to the station to talk about it. She wants to know why she would kill Bert when he was getting his money back from the company. Money back from the company? I feel like there was a line that was cut that was necessary to make that make sense. But Ralph says money wasn't her only motive, except she is baffled when Jack brings up Nadia.

She's stunned at the suggestion -- or seems stunned -- that her husband might have been cheating on her, so as usual we see that all you really need to do to eliminate yourself as a suspect in the Lambs' eyes is be a really good liar. Then Jack gets a phone call, summoning him to Vincent's office. I'm curious what he told Ralph about why he was skipping out of the office during a murder investigation.

At the Savoy, he discovers that Vincent wants him to share a tip with Ralph that the skim is going out in Savino's own car. Jack, being some kind of genius, assumes that means it will be going out some other way. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE THROWAWAY DIALOGUE EARLIER THIS SCENE ABOUT A VISITING CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM.

Anyway, Jack tells him to go to hell, and Savino is all, "Why do I have to explain how blackmail works to you every episode?" and reminds him that however one chooses to interpret what went down, only one of them pulled the trigger that killed Rizzo. Because that might be of concern to Mia, of course. "Don't do it for me. Do it for her," says Savino. We go to commercial not knowing if Jack intends to do it or not.

And here's Dixon, trotting along on a horse with his love interest of the week as though anyone cares about the poor starlet whose scene in a major motion picture isn't as big as she thought it was going to be. But there's nothing Marilyn (presumably Monroe) can do that she can't, she says, so I guess she's tried posing nude, too. Anyway, Dixon suggests she perform the scene for him -- you'd better be prepared to offer her union scale, buddy! -- and it involves him being the wounded cowboy with his head in her lap while she professes her tearful love for him. "You're more than good! You're a star!" says Dixon, sincerely. He appears to be smitten.

And all of a sudden at the sheriff's office there's a Sandy Cooperman in for questioning, because dead junkie/Rizzo-stabber Myrna Callum shared a party line with eight other people, and Ms. Cooperman is apparently the line busybody. After being quite concerned she's a suspect, Cooperman says Myrna Callum called the sheriff's office that night, saying something about a vagrant. Ralph takes much amusement in Cooperman's breathless description of marauding men with knives in their teeth "stealing into women's boudoirs" for a moment, but asks her if she's sure about the call to the sheriff's office, because there'd be a record of that. Cooperman confidently says there must be something wrong with the records then, since there's nothing wrong with her.

So Ralph stares at the third-man's fingerprint analysis. The thumb print has a huge scar on it, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out how this is going to go. Then he strolls out to where Byrne is making himself at home, with Catherine fanning herself over the fact Byrne has stopped the Savoy's skim from getting out four times in the past two days.

Jack comes in, is introduced to Byrne, and then relays the tip about Savino driving the skim out himself. Byrne's skeptical, since his men have the Savoy covered. Unmentioned is the fact that if Byrne has seized the skim four times in the past two

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