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Gonna Work It Out
days, is there any chance at all Savino would expose himself like that? Byrne asks Jack if he got the tip from his girlfriend Mia. Jack asks him if he has a problem with that. "Sheriff's deputy dating a mob boss's daughter? I don't think that could ever be a problem," says Byrne. That right there is some federal sarcasm. Again, unmentioned: Jack has received this tip from the person whose MOST IMPORTANT JOB is doing the skimming in the first place, but Catherine is all "a tip is a tip" and Ralph brings up gift horses, so I guess that trumps the dude in the suit who has only been seizing skims like a dairy inspector since he got here.

At the Savoy, Tommy is queasy upon finding out that Violet galloped off the set, and the news only gets worse for him, when Mia gleefully tells him Barry Silver has arrived. Silver's three days early, but he appears to want to have sex with Violet, so Tommy's got to get him out to the set -- where she isn't.

Jack tracked down the numbers in Latimer's wallet, they're Fairline bank accounts, with some revealing info: The company's a big shell game, a pyramid scheme, so the new working theory is Latimer found out and Thrane took him out. Also, Thrane has a white Cadillac with a black roof, as shown in a handy pamphlet. That isn't enough for evidence, Catherine tells them. Might it be enough for a warrant, though? The upshot is Catherine figures they'll need a confession if charges are to stick, and the Lambs have great fun sarcastically pretending Thrane will just give it up to them.

So they send Tamas in, pretending to be extorting $10,000 from Thrane in exchange for keeping quiet over what he saw. Thrane gives in rather easily, but can't resist telling him the whole story while he's doing it. Latimer was going to destroy everything he worked for, because Thrane wouldn't pay for his wife's surgery. Thrane in fact had made out a check to Latimer, but then he changed his mind, and with that Thrane grabs a letter opener from his desk and starts going after Tamas, who fights back. Thrane punches Tamas in the stomach and hits a hard, rectangular object -- an absolutely massive tape recorder that Tamas had hidden under his jacket. Thrane bolts for the door, at which point he runs into Ralph's fist and goes down in a heap.

At the station, the Lambs discuss what to tell the two Mrs. Latimers (Oh, "Two of a Kind"! I get it now). Jack's not in favor of telling them the truth -- probably because lying is working out so well for him right now -- because he doesn't think it'll do any good. "It's still the truth," says Ralph.

Byrne comes in to tell them the skim is on the move. Ralph leaves right away, but Jack says he needs a moment to himself to make guilty faces.

And so out in the desert, Savino's car is pulled over by just one man in a cop car: Jack. "So where's the rest of the cavalry?" asks Savino, completely unimpressed. He warns Jack that if he backs out of the deal, he can say goodbye to Mia. Jack doesn't appear super-worried, and tells Savino that Ralph is picking up the actual skim. Savino sneers that they don't know where it is.

And there's Byrne and Ralph boarding the bus of the Plains State Bison basketball team, so it's a good thing Jack and Vincent established that that was a thing earlier! Ralph finds the skim in the nervous hands of what looks like a shooting guard or even small forward.

Speaking of nervous, Tommy has stalled Barry Siler for too long, and the producer is getting impatient, and wants to see Violet now.

Tommy's about to come clean, which of course means she's about to come strolling in, which she does, Dixon escorting her. She's in a much better mood, what with Dixon having stroked her ego, and Dixon is quite distressed to see her canoodling with the older, shorter, balder fella. Silver gives him the stink-eye when Violet explains about Dixon giving her a ride back, and when Tommy explains Dixon is the deputy he hired to look after Violet, Silver wants him kept away from her. It doesn't look like Dixon's sticking around long enough for that to be a problem. And forgive me if nobody exactly feels sorry for Dixon, who is alternately hitting on anything with a vagina or getting together with Yvonne.

Byrne proudly shows Ralph the "FBI Bust Basketball Cash Laundering Scheme" headline on the front page of the daily rag, which features a picture of Byrne showing off the seized money. The story is buried underneath "MAN ENTERS SPACE," however. It does get more prominent billing than "Food to Cost Less" and I'm really curious about that one.

Ralph is kinda growly about the FBI getting all the credit, even though he's pretending not to be, but Byrne appears not to notice and seems sincere about looking forward to working a lot with Ralph, who appears to be considering the ramifications of his gun "accidentally" going off while he's cleaning it.

Outside, Byrne runs into Catherine, who is coming by to congratulate him. He smoothly says he couldn't have done it without her, since her files were his bedtime reading for the past couple of months, and there is a little more law-enforcement flirting of this type before Byrne invites her to go get a drink. She says she'll go fetch Ralph, which is not what Byrne had in mind at all, and then Catherine figures Ralph wouldn't have wanted to come anyway. Well, not with that doodoo head Byrne around, anyway.

Jack is moping at Mia's house, as they sit down to dinner, and he says "I've been keeping something from you." Dude, if you're doing this, you could have done it before she cooked a nice dinner. He says Savino's going to tell her this, so he needs to tell her first. "He didn't kill your father," he says. "I did. I shot him." Mia's disbelieving at first, but as he starts to explain the whole self-defense thing, she yells for him to get out. He protests, but then gets up, wisely not asking to take a plate of food home with him.

He heads to the sheriff's office, where Ralph is of course working late, although I'm skeptical of the quality of work getting done with the half-drank bottle of scotch on his desk.

Jack walks in, looking pained, and Ralph pours him a drink, and then the brothers sit facing each other, before Ralph finally says, "How long have you known?" Ralph says he didn't know for sure until he saw the fingerprints, and then launches into the story of a spurs-related injury that sliced Jack's fingers good when he was five years old. "Scar never did heal," Ralph says. He points to the card that Jack put his name on, and says he doesn't know whose fingerprints those are, but they're not Jack's. Ralph looks less angry than I expected, but then again he already had some idea of what happened out there.

So Jack gives him the broad strokes, including Savino setting him up. "I don't regret it. I just regret keeping it from you," he says. He couldn't bear losing her, but he think he lost her anyhow. "You told her?" says Ralph.

Jack asks what they're going to do now. Ralph takes out a lighter and burns the fake fingerprint card. "Gonna get you out of it," he says. Can't say I was expecting that! With his secret off his chest, maybe Jack can stop running up the water bill.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. He assumes the bust of the Plains State Bison basketball team had relatively few casualties. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at

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