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Rinse And Spit. Repeat. Oh, Seriously, Repeat.

First off, Teddy Dunn was great in that scene. Really. That said, I still think Duncan's kind He thought they had an unspoken agreement not to talk about the sex after, from his point of view, Veronica consented to sleep with him after he broke up with her without a word? After she said she "missed him"? I mean, I think Veronica had it right when she said he stands "idly by." He doesn't connect with people, which is sad, because all the characters on the show seem to think he's a great guy, or at least, that he used to be. As for whether I found the big reveal satisfying, there will be time for that later. I've got nothing but time, if slogging through eighty-plus pages and counting in the episode thread is any indication. Oh, one other thing? I don't think that if Duncan was so tortured about Veronica being his sister that he would have had a reaction to a sexual fantasy about her that was appropriate for Beavis And Butt-Head. Although if Butt-Head had some serious orthodontic work done, he could pass for Duncan.

Veronica cries in her car, parked outside a house. Wallace comes running out, unaware of anything wrong until Veronica breaks down.

Inside, Veronica and Wallace sit on his bed, apparently much later. Veronica: "This is so not an 'I told you so,' but do you see why I keep things to myself?" Aw. Yes, it would have been nice, from an acting standpoint, to see her confession, but I really don't think it was necessary in an episode that's bursting at the seams already. Some people complained that there wasn't enough characterization in this offering, but my view is that we've had twenty episodes of that. It's fine with me to go plot-heavy to end the season, as long as my murder theory is right...I mean, "as long as the resolution is satisfying." It's exactly for that reason that I didn't mind how quickly the episode moved -- I liked going at a breakneck pace and figuring out what it all meant later. Not all of you had the luxury of writing several thousand words about it to get your thoughts in order, but looking at the episode thread, there are more of you than I would have thought. Of course, an interesting point is whether Veronica told Wallace that she lied to him about Logan. I kind of think she didn't, but not showing whether she did holds that in reserve as a potential source of further conflict. Veronica apologizes to Wallace for telling him all this, but he says he doesn't care about himself -- he just wishes he could do or say something to make it better. And it's in this moment I realize that Wallace has quietly gone from being simply the best friend to being the moral center of the show. Veronica is the heroine, but Wallace is the only character who can always be counted on to do right. Of course, if the writers read this, they'll probably have him sniffing coke off a hooker's ass next season, but I'm betting he's pristine through September. Veronica takes out her laptop and shows him the Lilly murder investigation files. Wallace smiles, perhaps because he's not in them.

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