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Rinse And Spit. Repeat. Oh, Seriously, Repeat.

Back in the present, Logan says he just wanted Duncan to have some fun. Which is obviously creepy, presumptuous, and wrong, and yet I think is sincere. Veronica says he didn't know what would happen, but Logan claims responsibility for the business with Veronica and Duncan: "I can't take that I hurt you when all I want to do is protect you." They kiss, and he adds, "I want you to trust me." Veronica says she does. I don't know. I think Logan is being sincere, and yet, for someone who's displayed considerable emotion through the season, his relative lack of affect here is a little troubling. Of course, he probably rehearsed this speech -- when you're telling your girlfriend you're part of a chain that led her to unconsciously have sex with her brother, you want to make sure you've got the wording right. As far as Veronica trusting Logan, I think, at least temporarily, that this is one of those "honesty is its own reward" situations. He didn't have to come clean to her, but he did, so she judges him more generously than she would have if she'd come by the information another way. Not sure Veronica would feel this way in the harsh light of day, but in the dim glow of the pool, it makes sense to her. Also, she's apparently relieved that the cumulative party revelations weren't worse than they were. More on that...say it with me...later.

Logan -- seemingly happy at how well that went -- says he could use a "refreshment," and Veronica beams. Logan goes to a vent on the wall and takes the grate off to reveal a key inside. Recognizing the trick, Veronica says he must have learned that from Lilly, but Logan corrects her to say that she learned it from him. Knowing our Lilly, I think she just let you believe what you wanted to believe, kid. It sure wouldn't be the first time. Anyway, what Logan probably didn't learn from Lilly is breaking the key off in the lock, which sends him off to find another one. Veronica reclines happily, until she notices that there's an extraneous wire running up to the light fixture on the ceiling. Curious, she follows the wire to the bookshelves, two of which she slides open to discover electronic equipment and video monitors. She flips a switch, and two angles of the bed pop up. Veronica gets onto the bed and sees that she's on candid camera. I'm glad she found the monitor -- it saved me from telling her "You should really see the look on your face." Of course, as noted numerous times in the forums, the recording equipment isn't necessarily Logan's. In fact, it occurs to me that if it were, he might have been able to set up the cameras to record the poker game and catch Sean's little sleight of hand. He's paranoid enough to have done that, and I mean that as a compliment.

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