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Rinse And Spit. Repeat. Oh, Seriously, Repeat.

But nevertheless, we cut to Veronica running over to hop on Weevil's bike. Some number of minutes must have passed here, and I wonder what Logan thought and did when he discovered that Veronica had gone. I certainly think he did whatever was necessary to get that broken key out of the lock. Weevil hands her a helmet (aw), and she hops on and they ride away.

Veronica arrives home. She doesn't look that upset, but we don't know how much time has passed. She opens the door with a "Honey, I'm home..." to find her parents. Both of them. Lianne responds: "So am I, honey. So am I." Wow, cool, let's have a toast! Oh, er, whoops. Bottled water, anyone?

Okay, later is finally now, so here we go. Some people feel this episode was a disappointment. After so much buildup about the rape, it turns out the entire thing was happenstance. To me, this episode is an exquisitely cruel look at the nature and absurdity of life. Yes, we've been under the impression that Veronica was raped all season, but she also never knew what happened. She quite reasonably assumed that someone knowingly took advantage of her. She also chose not to tell anyone about it after Officer Fuckface, and given the way he treated her, that's perfectly understandable as well. She didn't seek counseling -- in fact, we might never have seen her consciously deal with the rape at all, if not for last week's revelation. But she always had it in her mind that a crime had been committed, and that the guilty party should pay -- her "an eye for an eye" philosophy from which she wouldn't be dissuaded, despite sometimes being cautioned that it might not be the healthiest approach. But if Logan hadn't spiked Duncan's drink, this wouldn't have happened. If Dick hadn't spiked Madison's drink, this wouldn't have happened. If Madison hadn't handed the drink to Veronica, if the drink had been diet, if the hospitals hadn't switched Mac and Madison at birth -- none of this would have happened. And for Veronica, a very cruel, and yet possibly necessary, lesson she can take from this is: there's little she could have done. It's one of the hardest things for people to accept. And it wouldn't have near the impact without the season-long wait.

Someone on the boards posited that Veronica was raped by the 09er culture, which is certainly an interesting way of looking at it. The rampant drugs and alcohol, the lack of parental supervision, the social exclusivity -- those things contributed to victimizing her. Also, her biggest fear was that not only had she been taken advantage of, but that everyone knew it and was talking about it. But in the end, my feeling is that people didn't really care. Sure, people saw her and made fun of her, but mostly, people ignored her. The whole experience was never as big an issue to the 09ers as she built it up to be in her mind, and she could probably have gotten to the truth a lot more quickly if she had opened up about it and not made it a one-woman crusade in her own mind. Both she and Duncan might have had a lot easier year and a half if the truth had come out sooner. That's not to say that I disagree with her approach at all -- I can't imagine her situation, and I don't know what I would do if I were in it. I don't fault her for any step she took along the way. But I find this resolution to be amazingly dark, at least in a general sense, and frankly, it does a lot more for me than seeing some teenaged boy like The Beav or Sean we barely know or care about get hauled off to jail.

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