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A Trip To The Dentist

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Rinse And Spit. Repeat. Oh, Seriously, Repeat.

Veronica showers. I haven't seen such a desperate need to get clean since I heard that Naveen Andrews was dating "Barbara Hershey." Backup 2.0 barks, and when a robe-clad Veronica emerges from the shower, she quickly sees that Logan is waiting on the porch. She inhales and considers her next move. Logan, if you're interested in having children someday, you'd better hope said move doesn't involve Backup 2.0. Veronica finally opens the door and says it's a bad time. Logan, catching the snap: "Okay, so I should come back when? Never?" At her stony gaze, he asks her to tell him what he did, so that he can explain. Veronica: "Explain to me why you were the one with GHB the night of Shelley Pomroy's party when someone drugged and raped me." Logan asks if he at least gets a dry-erase board for this one. Okay, not really. He takes a second to react, which might seem a little weird. It could be, though, that he's going through all the potential rapists in his mind, and if you've seen the rest of this episode, you'll know that even the short list takes a little time to get through.

Veronica, voice starting to break a little, tells Logan that she was told he had the drugs, which he admits: "I got some Liquid X when I was in Tijuana with Luke (from "You Think You Know Somebody") and Sean (from "An Echolls Family Christmas")." According to this, "Liquid X" is a popular nickname for GHB, even though it's a misnomer. Logan continues, "We were just gonna have some fun." That's not a three-way I would have pictured, but given that Logan made a musical-theater reference the last time he was in Tijuana with Luke, and smoked a thick stogie the last time we saw him with Sean, maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Veronica's voice breaks again as she asks if the fun involved sex with unconscious people. Logan says he was thinking "go to a rave" fun, and I don't think I need to point out that the two aren't mutually exclusive. Logan petulantly asks what he can do to make it better, which attitude I don't think is going to help, but does seem in character. Veronica says she's going to make whoever did it pay. Seems like a good plan, considering it was an 09er party. Then you can talk Ivy League education in earnest. She adds: "Even if it was you." They look at each other, and then Veronica closes the door with a "Sorry. I have to go throw up now." Good idea. Let's all meet back here after the opening credits!

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