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Rinse And Spit. Repeat. Oh, Seriously, Repeat.

Back in the present, Veronica asks if Dick really drugged Madison. Luke explains that Dick asked for two doses, and that he assumed Dick was planning to take one and give the other to Madison, but he's pretty sure that's not what happened. Veronica asks why, and he responds, "You're not gonna like this part." I'm starting to sense a theme here. Back in flashback, apparently sometime later, Luke sees Madison pull her car up and get out in a tizzy. LVO says that GHB is supposed to make you nicer, as Madison spray-paints the windshield of what we assume is Veronica's car. Again back in the present, Veronica asks why she'd do that. Luke: "Because she's a horrible human being?" And here I thought the kid wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Veronica confronts a now-brown-haired Madison in the bathroom and asks why she wrote "slut" on Veronica's car. Madison turns, considers her answer, and replies, "Because 'whore' had too many letters." Well, considering it has the right number of letters, I'm going to write this: DAMN. Although I do like the implication that five-letter words are too long for Madison. Also, it's worth noting that it's never explicitly stated that Madison wrote the rest of the message, although it does seem likely. Veronica claims that she never did anything to Madison, but Madison tells her she made out with Dick in front of the entire party. At Veronica's blank look, Madison adds, "I guess I shouldn't take that personally, though, huh? You pretty much made out with everyone." Does anyone know how to spell out "You're not gonna like this" with semaphore flags? Because if not, I'm out of ideas here. In flashback, we see Veronica singing along to the Saucy Monky remake of "I Touch Myself" as she grabs Dick, plays with his hair, and makes out with him. Madison watches in disbelief, as Dick eventually insincerely says that isn't cool, and Veronica moves on into Casey's lap. Veronica asks if she really made out with Dick and Casey. Madison: "Please. You made out with the garage door." Well, sure, but she really made out with Dick? Veronica tells Madison that someone put GHB in her drink. Madison looks momentarily stunned, but then snarks, "Yeah." In the fight between reason and bitchery, bitchery so often wins. If it didn't, so many people would never get banned.

Veronica reaches her porch, only to hear Alicia berating Keith about Veronica's involving Wallace in bugging Wiedman. Keith defends Veronica and says she's not your average seventeen-year-old. Alicia: "How can she be, when you treat her like she's forty?" I hope he's not really treating her like she's forty, because if he is, his repeated use of "Who's your daddy" is even squickier than we'd imagined. Veronica enters and tries repeatedly to apologize to Alicia, but Keith orders her to her room. Veronica: "Fine. But he bugged me first." Now there's the reaction of a seventeen-year-old! Or at most a thirty-five-year-old, given that that's exactly what I would have said. When Veronica's gone, Alicia asks, "He bugged her first?" God, Alicia, he is Eeeevil. I know he wasn't wearing his black hat, but his nature goes beyond accessories.

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