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See What Happens When You Don't Take Backup?

Logan disappears, and Veronica looks across the hall to see Weevil staring at her with a bored tough-guy expression on his face. Veronica goes over to him and sunnily makes fun of his veneer and, in response to Weevil's assertion that she should be nicer to him, snits, "Or you'll huff and puff and burn my house down?" Nice. She accuses Weevil of working for the Fitzpatricks, but he denies that: "I'd be dead before I worked for those micks." Veronica doesn't believe Weevil based solely on the rather flimsy point that the Fitzpatricks and the PCHers both want to see Logan convicted. I'm telling you, Veronica Mars may be smarter than I, but the gap has narrowed a lot this year.

Night. Veronica and Mac are out in some nice-looking neighborhood using some device to track the radio broadcast. On her cell, Veronica asks Mac, "What if nerd-hunters drive by and tranq and tag me?" Given who it turns out to be at the other end of the broadcast, that may not be as idle a fear as it sounds. Regardless, Mac says that's a risk she's willing to take.

Weevil has his gang assembled at some outdoor location, and asks them if he's still in charge: between the coke kid and the Fitzpatrick revelation, he's not feeling like the leader anymore. Well, it's good that he's asking these questions. And by the time of his next scheduled appearance five episodes from now, we should be well on the way to finding some answers. Weevil advances the idea that someone in his gang is working with the Fitzpatricks (and implies that the Fitzpatricks are also supplying whomever it is with drugs to sell), but he dismisses them when no one talks. No one, that is, except some dude who hangs around. Weevil asks him if he saw the guy who called the cops the night Felix was killed, but the guy says no. Weevil points out that he told the cops he did see the guy, but Random Biker says the cops didn't have the whole story.

In flashback, we once again see the "beatdown" the PCHers administered to Logan. This time, however, the scene goes on, as Felix instructs Random Biker -- who seems to be named "Thumper" -- and another guy to get Weevil home. He then orders another random to go get Cervando, who's "at Texaco," and bring him back so that he can ride Weevil's bike home. Tasks assigned, those bikers depart, and then Hector kneels down next to Logan and says some menacing words. Logan rolls over in pain, and Felix takes the opportunity to grab Logan's car keys. Logan, not taking all that kindly to that, pulls a switchblade and stabs Felix in the gut right before a truck pulls up, and Hector and whoever else is there flee. I hope this isn't meant to be an accurate depiction of what Thumper heard happened after he left, because there's NO WAY he would believe the bikers left Felix on the bridge to die when medical attention might have saved his life. But the point, I guess, is that Weevil should talk to Hector and the other guy who was there, "Bootsy" (...the hell with these names?), so we can look for that conversation in February or so. Weevil is peeved, but Thumper says that they didn't tell him what really happened in order to protect him. Weevil snarls that he's going to find out what really happened that night. Well, it's about time someone tried.

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